3 Cool Tech Gadgets for Your Pets

We all want the best for our furry friends, and new technology is making it easier than ever to keep them healthy and happy. Spoil your pets with these products.

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Carley has three products that will help you connect better with your pet.

I have two human children, but for many of us our “kids” have four legs and a wagging tail. (I have one of those too, by the way.) Just because they’re furry, doesn’t mean we’re any less concerned about them when we head out for the day. To make sure your pets are happy and healthy, you might want to employ some of these tech tools around the house. You’ll get two paws up.

First, taking your dog to the vet can really stress him out, making the evaluation tricky. But he can’t talk, so how else can you be sure he’s feeling alright? Enter Voyce, a high-tech collar that’s like hanging a vet around your dog’s neck (but a lot lighter). It measures your dog’s key vital signs and other wellness indicators like heart and respiratory rate when your dog is playing outside or relaxing around the house, so you can be proactive about his health. The Voyce app instantly shares the information with your vet, and you can decide whether your pooch needs to make a vet visit.

10 Pet-Friendly Products for Your Home

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Avo Sustaining Fish Tank

Fusing function and style, this futuristic fish bowl is self-sustaining. No need to change the water, mess with the temperature or clean a filter: The bowl features integrated LEDs, a heater and a biological filter that work together to eliminate waste and promote plant life.

Photo By: Avo

PetPeek Fence Window

Dogs love to see what’s on the other side of a fence. No need for yours to dig a hole; you can install this clever acrylic dome window, made to accommodate your pet's snout … and his curiosity.

Photo By: Wag

HALO MINI Pet Collar

This super-bright, rechargeable LED collar carries the motto, “Be seen, be safe.” It flashes or stays solid, lighting up neon-style so you can walk your dog in darkness without worry. (It works for cats, too.)


Waggle App

Like a combo Fitbit, FourSquare and Facebook – for dogs – this app lets you log your activity with your canine, locate and check in at dog-friendly places, and connect to other Waggle users.

Dyson Groom Tool

Ever wish you could just vacuum the extra hair off your dog? This tool attaches to a Dyson vacuum and works like a brush … with a strong vacuum inside. It sucks away loose hairs at the source, before they become household tumbleweeds.

Photo By: Dyson


Why should you scoop cat litter when a robot could be doing it? After kitty exits this sci-fi-style dome, the dome rotates to automatically sift waste into a drawer. About once a week (for one cat), you can clear it by whisking away the bag underneath.

Photo By: Litter-Robot

PetSafe Passport Electronic Pet Door

The trouble with pet flaps is that unwanted animals (raccoons, anyone?) can come inside. This smart pet door opens only when it detects a uniquely coded electronic key on your pet’s collar. Only furry family members may enter. 

Photo By: Radio Systems


Whether you’re working late, stuck in traffic or away for a night, you can feed your pet … via smartphone. The Petnet feeder’s app lets you control portion sizes, feeding times and even how fast the food comes out, and gives you a calorie count so you can be sure your animal is getting what he needs.

Photo By: Petnet


Just because a dog doesn’t think like a human doesn’t mean he’s not a genius. Created with canine behavioral experts, Dognition is a personality test for dogs. It will teach you offline games to play with your pooch — and reveal how his unique intelligence works.


Kennels may be convenient, but many dogs hate them. This service allows you to hire a dog sitter to either come to you or, if you’re going on vacation, host your pet. Appointments even include pet insurance.

You never want to think about your dog running away or getting lost, but it does happen. Luckily the folks at Tagg have figured out a way to keep tabs on your tabby. This little device is like a GPS for your dog. Using your phone or laptop, you just create a “virtual fence” around your yard and you’ll get a text, email or push notification instantly if your dog roams outside of it.  If you’re on the hunt for the runaway it will give you the exact coordinates and directions so you can find her before she gets into the neighbors garbage again.

10 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Pet

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Miss your kitty while you’re at the office? This Kickstarter success story will let you see and talk to your cat, control a laser pointer chase toy, and even dispense treats – all from your smartphone.

Photo By: Kittyo


Generally, animals won’t tell you something’s wrong until it’s time to rush to the vet. Voyce is a Wi-Fi-enabled collar that monitors your furry friend’s vitals, calorie intake and activity level so you can tell if anything is amiss — and get to the vet before there’s a serious issue.

Photo By: Voyce

Tagg Pet Tracker

If you’ve got a pet who tends to roam (or bolt out the front door!), GPS might be the answer. This monitor attaches to his collar, and the app will help you locate him if he’s lost. 

Photo By: Tagg

Wild Pet’s Eye View Camera

Made especially for kids to operate, Nat Geo Wild’s Pet’s Eye View Camera attaches to a collar to reveal a pet’s “secret life.” It snaps photos as the pet goes, so whether he’s lazing about the living room or chewing the china cabinet, all will be revealed.

Photo By: Uncle Milton


This webcam offers HD video and two-way audio, so you can check on (and talk to) your pet from a computer or mobile device. Just log in to see what your pet is up to, live. 

Photo By: Dropcam


A combo camera and pet toy, this unassuming cube hooks up to an app — so when you’re out, you can see, talk to your pet, and amuse her with the app-controlled laser pointer. Plus you can give loved ones access, so they can play with your pet from afar, too.

Photo By: Petcube


The Pet-Remote lets you prompt your pooch to do tricks, via command from your phone. Attach the vibration-producing Remote to your dog's collar and follow the training steps in the app. Fido will learn to associate a different vibration with each trick. Then, just tap your smartphone to cue Fido to roll over.

Photo By: Pet-Remote


This digital tag system uses QR codes to make sure your pet comes home. You enroll your pet in the PetHub national database, then purchase a tag printed with a unique QR code and website address. It links to your pet’s online profile, so anyone can scan to see who he is and where he belongs.

Photo By: PetHub


Fans of Fitbit and the Nike FuelBand will immediately understand this bone-shaped fitness tracker for dogs. It communicates with an app to keep track of doggies’ doings, whether you’re home or away.

Photo By: FitBark

Pawscout Pet Finder

With no monthly fee, this waterproof collar tag employs “social GPS” to send and receive signals from other Pawscout tags. If your animal gets lost, use the free app to mark him as missing. When another Pawscout owner is within 200 feet of your animal, the app will notify them and you.

Photo By: Pawscout

Okay, now that technology has helped assure your pets are healthy and safe, what about making sure they’re having fun – even when you’re not around? Kittyo is like a funhouse for cats that you can operate remotely. Just open the app and activate the camera; now you can see your cat at home, speak to him and activate a laser for him to chase. Not impressive enough? You can also dispense treats, remotely.

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Taking care of our pets has gone digital, and I give all these high-tech pet gadgets major tail wags. 

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