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Explore options for paver patios and learn how to create an attractive and durable outdoor space.
Paver Patio with Outdoor Dining Area and Umbrella

Paver Patio with Outdoor Dining Area and Umbrella

An outdoor dining area with umbrella shade is featured in this spare and spacious paver patio.

Photo by: Brian Jenkin

Brian Jenkin

By: Sean McEvoy

The options for paver patios may seem overwhelming, but these ideas and tips should see you enjoying your brand new outdoor living space in no time.

One of the most important factors to consider when creating a paver patio is stability—you don't want your patio built on uneven or soft ground, which could lead to pavers shifting or buckling over time. To ensure a stable surface, make sure you dig at least six inches down, to hard, stable, flat ground.

Pretty Patio Designs

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Old-World Style

In this design by Thomas Oppelt, the elegant casita offers a glimpse of the surrounding countryside. Image courtesy of Gene Northup of Synergy Sotheby's International Realty

Small Wonder

Maintaining the historic character and integrity of the landscape was the main objective of this design. Rustic and understated elements add personality and credibility. Design by Chad Robert

From: Chad Robert

Garden Ambience

A circular band inscribed within the bluestone patio continues through the outdoor kitchen and around the dining area. Design by Bob Hursthouse

Green Terrace

Deeply textured stonework provides the framework to an intimate grotto decorated by the owner's unique orchid and fern collection. Wide stairs ascend to the adjacent terrace that's perfect for entertaining. Design by Bob Hursthouse

Hamptons Inspiration

Pergolas provide poolside shade, while cozy furnishings and blue accents infuse the outdoors with a style all their own. Design by Debbie Talianko

Step Into Morocco

Built-in seating doubles as a planter and a retaining wall for a front yard garden area. Design by Lori Dennis; Photo by Ken Hayden

Tranquil Courtyard

A vintage bench and Susani-print blanket create a beautiful seating option in this stone courtyard. Design by Lori Dennis

Alfresco Beauty

Climbing vines and vertical gardens help create a romantic courtyard setting, perfect for dining outdoors. Design by Living Green Design

Making History

This beautiful patio was designed and furnished to complement the historic home. "Rustic and understated elements add personality and credibility," says landscape architect Chad Robert.

From: Chad Robert

Relaxing Pool House

The pool house is reminiscent of a Mediterranean beach cottage with soothing neutral shades and lots of natural light. Design by Rebecca Johnston

Secret Garden

This stone cottage-style patio features a garden, outdoor fireplace and a stunning water feature. Design by Mitch Kalamian

Dreamy Outdoor Entertaining

A full-size kitchen, a cascading fountain and a raised pool flank the large lawn area, which features an in-ground trampoline, making this a perfect spot for entertaining families. Design by Christopher J. Grubb

One-of-a-Kind Pergola

Landscape designer Jamie Durie created an Asian-style space for dining and relaxing where the "walls" of the pergola serve as an enclosure as well as a place to showcase potted specimens.

Laid-Back Patio

Sleek, modern loungers add a contemporary flair to this traditional patio. Design by Lori Dennis

Totally French

This dramatic doorway leads to a romantic patio with black-and-white marble tile and a beautiful vertical garden. Design by Jamie Durie

Fiesta Time

An outdoor room with Puerto-Rican design sensibilities creates a family backyard haven. Traditional turned-wooden spindles that adorn the windows of the homes in Puerto Rico now break up the bright colors of the walls. Design by Jamie Durie

Colorful Hardscape

In this Sedona-inspired design by Jamie Durie, ceiling tiles create the wall for the planter's seating surround. A dining grotto is tucked into the back of this beautiful patio.

Destination: Relaxation

This patio is located away from the house, surrounded by colorful landscaping and shaded by trees. A short wall provides a sense of enclosure. The walkway continues on to a potting bench and a secluded arbor swing. Design by Jamie Durie

Contemporary + Classic

A beautiful wall with Spanish arches serves as the backdrop for this gorgeous backyard lounge area. The look merges elements of Old World design with the clean lines of contemporary style. Design by Jamie Durie

Formal Touch

Boxwood planters surround the pool, fireplace and lounging areas on this patio.

©Design by RMS user Allende

Rustic Chic

A rustic fence encloses the garden containing herbs, flowers and vegetables at The Swag Country Inn in Waynesville, N.C.

Photo By: Jason Kisner ©Copyright 2013, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Gathering Place

Inspired by a visit to a Native American pueblo, Jamie Durie designed this circular adobe outdoor room. A traditional drying rack serves as an artistic shade structure over the new outdoor dining area.

Three Tiers of Relaxation

Designed by Mitch Kalamian, this tri-level backyard features a refurbished pool on the first level, a spa on the second and a lighted column on the third.

Drab Entryway No More

A terra-cotta tile patio and rich wall color convert a front entry into a stylish waiting and relaxation area. Design by Pamela Berstler

Sculptural Elements

A sculptural element adds an artistic touch to an Asian garden filled with Sedum rupestre 'Angelina.' Design by Katharine Webste

European-Style Garden

This beautiful eight-sided pavilion is the focal point of a European-style garden. Design by Keith Anderson

The Place for Pizza

The focal point of this new outdoor kitchen is a wood-fired pizza oven imported from Italy. The 36-inch oven turned out to have a 52-inch base, so landscape architect Mark Schisler had to move the counters three feet to accommodate it. The oven is covered with a stone veneer, rather than real stone, to save more space.

Pergola Lighting

This outdoor kitchen and patio, designed for entertaining, is accessible from the deck, basement and driveway of the home. The cedar pergola helps define the room and provide overhead lighting.

Outdoor Theater

This terrace went from an area with no place to sit to the ultimate in a resort-like lounge and dining space. When evening comes, the area turns into an extra-comfy place to watch movies. A 3-D water feature and a fire pit table complete the ambiance.

Extra Shade

This contemporary outdoor kitchen area is nestled among the trees. Design by Paul Wrona

Private Playspace

Whether it's for roasting marshmallows with the kids or grown-up entertaining, the fireplace often becomes the outdoor gathering spot for the family. A new retaining wall on the steep slope provided the terrain for this patio and new lawn. A berm of cryptomeria trees will provide privacy from the neighbors. Design by Mark Schisler

Western Outdoors

An extra-large fountain and a Western-style fireplace are the focal points of this patio; the design and materials create a seamless extension of living space for the home. Design by Scott Cohen

Weeds are the bane of any paver patio, and no matter how tightly the pavers are packed they tend to find a way through—so be sure to lay down a barrier to stifle their growth. If they're particularly hardy in the area, you may want to consider a soil additive.

Make sure the sand and gravel layers you add on top of the foundation are tightly, powerfully packed. These have to be flat and compact to ensure a flat paver surface that won't shift over time.

Be sure to grade your patio away from your home so that water runoff isn't directed to your basement. For every two feet of distance, a quarter-inch drop should do the trick.

The surface is the showpiece, but the exterior of the patio needs to be secure as well to prevent shifting—edge your patio with bricks, a cement lip or vinyl or metal edging.

When laying the surface, be aware that individual pavers or groups may have different tones. Try to blend the different shades uniformly to avoid a patchy-looking patio.

Lastly, add sand. Pouring a layer over the entire patio and then sweeping off will help keep bricks in place.

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