Patio Bar Ideas and Options

Grab some patio bar ideas and options and transform your outdoor living space into a truly great place to gather.


After the Room Crashers transformation, this space features a pergola, kitchen unit featuring stainless appliances, a custom bar with firebox, and rich earth tones and neutrals to turn this backyard into an outdoor family oasis.

From: Room Crashers

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're considering adding a drinking station to your outdoor living space, you'll want to browse patio bar ideas and options and get some inspiration for transforming your patio into the neighborhood hotspot.

You'll have some choices to make up front about your patio bar, the first of which is, will it be a wet bar or a dry bar? A wet bar comes fully equipped with running water, a refrigerator and ice maker, and possibly even taps for adult beverages or other liquid refreshment. A dry bar, on the other hand, offer storage for bottled liquor and other bar implements, but none of the functionality of the wet bar. Wet bars are considerably more expensive, and better suited for outdoor spaces where entertainment is frequent and large crowds gather. Dry bars are more economical and can be perfectly sufficient for smaller crowds and less frequent use.

15 Outdoor Rooms for Entertaining

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A Charming Spot for Outdoor Dining

Rustic furniture pieces add warmth to an intimate backyard setting, while antique lighting allows guests to visit even after the sun sets. For those who enjoy the smoky flavors of a delicious homemade pizza, consider a brick wood-burning pizza oven. Photo courtesy of Wood Stone Kopke

Photo By: Sandy Koepke, Wood Stone

An Oceanfront Escape

An ideal outdoor room is all about flow from the interiors. The oversize windows and the large opening to the balcony create an exotic staycation in a weather-controlled space. Photo courtesy of Kichler Lighting

An Outdoor Room for Fireside Chats

Outdoor fireplaces create a strong focal point in outdoor rooms, and they provide warmth for those cool evenings in the mountains. Photo courtesy of Mega-Bergerac

Photo By: Chipper Hatter

Lakeside Living

Sometimes all you need is a stone fire pit, two Adirondack chairs and a lake view. For a completely natural look, nothing beats stone. Keep in mind, natural stone costs more because it is quarried and has to be trucked in, adding transportation costs. Photo courtesy of Mega-Arbel

Photo By: Chipper Hatter

Outdoor Dining With a View

This outdoor dining room offers a year-round entertaining experience with a breathtaking view. When deciding on location for your outdoor room, consider how you want to use it. Photo courtesy of Gloster Furniture Inc.

Photo By: Gloster Furniture Inc.

Lounge-Worthy in the Backyard

Plush seating is a must-have in any outdoor room. Make sure you pick weather-resistant materials for long-lasting use. Photo courtesy of Kichler Lighting

Photo By: Kichler Lighting

An Intimate Gathering Place

Walls, a ceiling and a fireplace create a distinctive living room outdoors. Layer in mood lighting with eye-catching fixtures and lanterns. Photo courtesy of Kichler Lighting

Photo By: Kichler Lighting

Poolside Play

An umbrella is a great option to shade your outdoor living spaces. Also, consider awnings, canopies and gazebos to keep your guests comfortable on sunny days. Photo courtesy of Room and Board

Photo By: Room & Board

Southwestern Retreat

Personalize your space with flair. This rustic outdoor room by Jamie Durie is complete with a branch chandelier, flagstone flooring, a patterned rug and an antique.

Pops of Color

While gray stone is a classic hue for an outdoor space, add pops of interest with colorful accessories. When picking your furniture pieces, look for synthetic wicker for more durability. Photo courtesy of Mega-Arbel

Photo By: Chipper Hatter

Courtyard Dining

A full-service outdoor kitchen and dining area invites a crowd. In a sheltered backyard, large French doors with transom windows above can provide access while allowing natural light into your home.

Photo By: DianePadys

A Grand Retreat

Provide plenty of seating options for your guests. This outdoor room features a plush couch, a built-in bench and a dining area for optimal gathering. Photo courtesy of Marrokal Design and Remodeling

Photo By: Marrokal Design and Remodeling

Simply Chic

Turn your dull concrete slab into a fabulous backyard focal point with a clean mix of color. To define the space, face some seats toward your house. Photo courtesy of Room and Board

Contemporary Outdoor Dining

To add structure to the space, Jamie Durie added walls covered with scented herbs and fruit.

Photo By: Jamie Rector

Outdoor Destination

Greenery adds softness to a hardscaped outdoor design. Choose plants that are well-suited to your area and give them plenty of room to thrive in big pots. Browse images from Bassenian Lagoni Architects on ProGalleries

Another option is even more no-frills than a dry bar: a drink cart. This portable station on wheels has a few advantages over its permanent fixture cousins—chief among them, it can move to follow the party, can be shifted aside to make room for a dance floor or large seating area, and won't do too much damage to your wallet in comparison to a permanent fixture.

Whichever patio bar option you choose, its sure to help create a fun and welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

Patio Design Ideas

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