NKBA 2013 Kitchen: Step Back in Time

This spectacularly renovated kitchen in a historical home maintains historic tradition without sacrificing comfort, convenience and sophistication.

Photo By: Photo Credit: John D Smoak III

Photo By: Photo Credit: John D Smoak III

Photo By: Photo Credit: John D Smoak III

Photo By: Photo Credit: John D Smoak III

Step Back in Time

Among the kitchen's noteworthy features are impressive high ceilings, antiqued and hand-painted finishes, and a large antique Chinese print on the soaring wall over the stairs.  

Step Back in Time

The original heart-pine floors, large arched windows and exposed brick and beams all add to the unique character of the house.  

Step Back in Time

Oversized cabinets and hefty details on the kitchen island are embellished in varying shades of gray.  

Step Back in Time

This refined and well-appointed kitchen is a step into historic modernity, offering a timeless and relaxed atmosphere.  

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