Cheap Versus Steep: Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are typically the most costly components of a kitchen, but there are options available to fit into any budget. Browse photos of kitchen appliances in various price ranges.

Photo By: Wendell Franks

Photo By: Designer, Beth Haley Design

Cheap: Basic Appliances

If you're on a tight budget, you can save money by purchasing basic black or white appliances without a lot of frills. Unless you're a serious cook, these appliances should provide all the functions you need.

Cheap: Stainless Steel Film

If your current appliances are in good shape but could use an aesthetic update, try refacing them with peel-and-stick stainless steel film. This DIY option will give your kitchen a new look at a fraction of the cost of new appliances.

Mid-Range: Stainless Steel Appliances

Upgrading to basic stainless steel appliances will add value to your home and create a high-end look.

Mid-Range: Cooktop With Double Oven

If you cook a lot and want to go a step beyond basic stainless steel appliances, try pairing a cooktop with two ovens for extra meal preparation space.

Steep: Professional-Grade Range

For serious cooks, chef-grade ranges are worth the extra cost. Gas ranges are the most popular choice for gourmet cooks, but induction cooktops are growing in popularity. Professional ranges are sometimes equipped with extra features like griddle burners and pot fillers.

Steep: Integrated Appliances

Homeowners with larger budgets can opt for high-end appliances that blend seamlessly with their cabinetry. Image courtesy of Liebherr

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