How to Sort Crafting and Gift Wrapping Supplies

With some planning, you can have a user-friendly space in your home for craft projects and prepping gifts.
Green Home 2011 Do Room Gift Wrap Station Detail

Green Home 2011 Do Room Gift Wrap Station Detail

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2011, HGTV

By: Jeannie Matteucci

If you love to spend time on crafts or enjoy giving your family and friends creatively wrapped gifts, you’ve probably thought about creating a spot in your home for all the supplies required for both activities. Even if you only have a small corner or nook in your home office, you can plan an area that is user-friendly and organized.

"Crafting and wrapping lovers should definitely have a designated space for their various supplies," says Atlanta professional organizer Kristi Schneider of Truorder. "When supplies are scattered throughout the house, it may turn into a time-consuming supply hunt that causes you to quit before you get started out of frustration. If you have a designated spot, you are less likely to have a mess in the common living spaces in your home."

Schneider says how much space you have available is the most important consideration. She suggests a major clutter purge before you start the project.

"Get rid of anything you haven't used or worked on in the last two years," says Schneider. "Getting rid of clutter will make the organizing project a breeze."

Here are three of her other tips for creating an organized and efficient spot in your home forcrafting and wrapping gifts:

Take the time to measure. Measure the designated spot you have chosen before you shop for the accessories and furniture you will need. Schneider says even if you don't have a lot of space, you can set up a mini station in a corner of your home office or inside of a closet.

Consider all your options. Do some research before you spend your money. "Take a look on Pinterest or do a Google search for crafting and wrapping room ideas, supplies and organizers before you shop," suggests Schneider.

Sort all crafting and wrapping supplies and group like items into labeled bins, baskets, cabinets, shelves or a special crafting/wrapping organizing cart or system. Many retailers now carry these products, and Schneider likes the selections from Home Decorators Collection and The Container Store. You can also use items already in your home to hold and organize all your crafting or wrapping essentials.

"Take toilet paper rolls, stand them up in a shoebox and use them to hold colored pencils and other supplies," suggests Schneider. "You could also use a pants hanger with a removable rod to hold rolls of ribbon, or use a tackle box for organizing and storing small craft supplies or beads."

Avoid common mistakes. Fashioning a crafting or wrapping space that is too big, or designing an area with custom built-ins that can't be re-purposed or easily moved to another space, are two major mistakes to avoid. "If you want to sell your home eventually, you may want to buy something that can be moved with you," notes Schneider.    

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Enlighten your morning correspondence with a seat at your home's sunniest spot. Transforming an interior bay window into a study nook takes advantage of natural light and extra space. Eliminate the glare factor with adjustable Roman shades.

Behind Open Doors

You'll want to throw your closet doors open once you plaster the walls with sunny wallpaper, add shelving and plug in your favorite lamp. Invest in a Lucite chair to make the cozy space feel bigger.

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Double Duty

Tuck a chair under your console table for an instant home office. Bonus: You can watch a movie with your family while you address holiday cards!

Stairwell Study

Carve out a study nook in the oft-unused space under your stairs. You'll find ample room for a desk, shelving and cabinetry.

Photo By: Sage Design Studio; Inc.; photo by: Leslie Goodwin

Take Note

You won't forget a single item on your to-do list when it's written on a cabinet-sized notepad. Cover a standard cabinet with chalkboard paint and start planning.

Photo By: Martha O’Hara Interiors; photo by: Troy Thies

Space Saver

Need a study break? Close your eyes and rev your creativity in a loft above your home office. With alternating corkboards and pegboards, this design maximizes the desk's function while showing off your best art supplies.

Photo By: Martha O’Hara Interiors; photo by: Troy Thies

Tidy Shelves

Keep your workspace uncluttered and your tasks organized with open shelving and stylish boxes for out-of-sight storage. Just look down for inspiration – an Aztec rug infuses color and texture in an otherwise unadorned office.

Bring on the Bling

Glam up your home office by adding shimmery sheets of gold leaf to a basic desk. Complement the glass desktop with a clear lamp for unobstructed creativity.

Photo By: Honey & Fitz; photo by: Ruth Eileen Photography

Perfect Fit

Make your own corner office with a colorful Parsons desk and gallery wall for inspiration. Economize the space with matching ottomans that can be tucked under the desk when not in use.

Upper Limit

Don't overlook the fifth wall when decorating your personal creative haven. A wallpapered ceiling draws the eye up, makes the room feel larger and invites inspiration.

Corkboard Calendar

Keep your social schedule in check with a larger-than-life calendar. Birthday invites and reminders find a home on days separated by rope and pinned by reusable date markers.

Photo By: John Bynum Custom Homes

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