Home Theater Designs From CEDIA 2013 Finalists

Photo By: Photographer: Ryan & Jennifer Herd

Photo By: John H. Olson

Photo By: William Psolka

Photo By: David O. Marlow


Comfortable Hideaway

See more of this space. For this home theater, a 120" screen is paired with both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to focus sound directly into the seating area. Find a home theater professional near you.

Five Games, One Home Theater

See more of this space. This home theater was designed for an avid NFL fan who wanted to be able to watch up to five games simultaneously. He also wanted the capability for the entire system to be controlled via Apple iPad.

Transitional Style

See more of this space. This theater repurposes an above-garage room into a family-friendly entertainment space. In contrast to more common basement conversions, this allows a more open feel with vaulted ceilings and natural light.

Rustic Retreat

See more of this space. This playroom turned home theater was designed to have a natural and rustic feel, and also to incorporate elements that would appeal to kids. Amenities include a candy case and popcorn machine.

Futuristic Escape

See more of this space. The client who commissioned this expansive home theater wanted a high-end AV space that would work equally well for movie viewing, music listening, games and karaoke.

The Main Attraction

See more of this space. "True cinema experience" was the operative phrase for this home theater as the homeowner wanted a room that would give his grandchildren and their friends the feeling of really being "at the movies."

Optimal Comfort

See more of this space. This room was selected from among several in the home for its sonic characteristics and ample space that allowed for plentiful seating with upper and lower viewing angles.

Seamless Entertaining

See more of this space. Control4 automation electronics were incorporated into the design of this home theater to combine fingertip control of lighting, sound and video. All controls are managed through iPad and iPhone.

Entertaining for Everyone

See more of this space. Key objectives in this home theater design are user-friendly controls, ample seating for a large family, and a high-performance theater ideal for both movies and sports watching.

Distinctively Designed

See more of this space. This home theater, featuring a 120" viewing screen, 1000-watt Class D amp and 9-channel surround receiver, is acoustically isolated using isolation clips and special insulation in the walls and ceiling.

Cozy But Contemporary

See more of this space. Objectives in creating this theater included a high-quality audio and video experience in a luxurious setting with a warm feel, and an attractive visible presentation for the component racks.


See more of this space. The size and shape of the raw space for this theater presented challenges in terms of both acoustics and video. Creative approaches with sound isolation and damping were required.

Entertaining Escape

See more of this space. This design called for a dedicated 12-seat home theater with a high-performance sound system and giant screen. The seating area features Acoustic Innovations Deco Sen-Suede motorized theater chairs.

Sophisticated Lounging

See more of this space. The client for this theater had specific and challenging requests: to have the theater's back wall open onto a lounge behind it, to allow plenty of ambient light and to still maintain a clear screen picture.

All Lit Up

See more of this space. This design was a special challenge due to the projector's location, a very large screen and a relatively compact room. A sightline evaluation was performed to determine precise placement for the screen.

Sleek and Immersive

See more of this space. This theater stays visually simple in terms of decor, but the frills are in the big sound and big picture. The screen is 153" and sound is courtesy of a 7.1-channel system with digital equalization.

Dramatic Details

See more of this space. The clients for this theater wanted a dedicated space to rival the experience of a real cinema. Innovative use of LED lighting creates a visually distinctive space, and the screen features a masking system to ensure that all aspect-ratio formats look as good as possible.

Unique Oasis

See more of this space. An objective for this space was to create an essentially soundproof theater where users could experience state-of-the-art sound at concert volume levels without disturbing others throughout the home.

Hollywood Comfort

See more of this space. Comfort and ease of use were both given heavy emphasis in this theater design. The AV system accommodates viewing of media ranging from Internet streaming to first-run digital cinema provided by Hollywood studios.

Elegant and Understated

See more of this space. The goal for this theater was to create the most faithful reproduction of music and movies possible while keeping the space suitable for entertaining and visually in line with the home's overall style.

Rich Detail

See more of this space. This poolhouse turned home theater was part of a remodel that involved raising the ceiling and adding a fiber-optic star field. The theater specialists worked with the home's interior designer to integrate color and decorating themes.

Fine-Tuned Entertaining

See more of this space. The key challenge for this theater: space constraints. The space allotted was formerly a single-car garage, but a 120" screen and $90K audio system helped make for an impressive transformation.

Versatile Viewing

See more of this space. Since an objective for this theater was to allow it to open onto adjacent rooms, and since windows were part of the existing space, the acoustic treatment had to be achieved using minimal wall space.

Audiophile's Dream

See more of this space. The primary focus in this room is an audiophile listening experience. It was designed specifically to complement the Steinway Lyngdorf system, which the client had chosen for its audio accuracy and dynamics.

Gaming Haven

See more of this space. This high-end theater was designed for extreme gaming as well as a full cinema experience. For the user interface, the client wanted three levels of control: "simple," "techy" and "kid friendly."

Seamlessly Crafted

See more of this space. This basement theater was the final room completed in the client's home. In addition to a high-end AV system featuring B&W speaker systems and Crestron electronics, its design was required to blend aesthetically with interior styling selected for the rest of the home.

The Show Must Go On

See more of this space. This large-scale theater accommodates seating for 28 and features a 28-foot screen with motorized masking system, eight separate subwoofers and an audio system with peak output of 14,200 watts.

Industrial Flair

See more of this space. The modern-styled theater in this San Francisco home is designed for multiple uses including screening room, performance space and recording studio.

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