Home Office Lighting Designs

Make your home office as bright as you are with light fixtures that illuminate important features of your workspace. Browse these photos for ideas.

Dual-Purpose Fixtures

Recessed light fixtures beautifully highlight artwork and books displayed on the shelves of this home office while also providing overall illumination for the room. French doors let in plenty of natural light.

Task Lighting

Task lighting for the desk area is a key feature of a home office lighting plan. In this office, a desk lamp is positioned to the side of the workspace to minimize shadows and reflections. Recessed light fixtures provide general illumination.

Indirect Lighting

Avoid lighting options that create distracting reflections on your computer screen. This home office features wall sconces that create indirect illumination by washing the walls with light. Design by Nicole Sassaman

Floor Lamp

A floor lamp placed next to a chair creates an inviting reading area in this home office. Positioning the chair next to a window allows for natural light to be used for reading during the day.

Track Lighting

This family-centered workspace features a fun track lighting fixture that can be adjusted to illuminate the room's desks, shelves and blackboard. A rice-paper floor lamp provides additional illumination.

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