Going Paperless

See our top app picks to get rid of paper clutter that's crowding your home office.

How to Manage Paper Overload 03:47

Carley Knobloch shares tips on how to manage all the paper in your life.

The printer in the study is feeling mighty lonely these days, yet how is the house still spilling over with paper? As the stack of bills, junk mail and catalogs scattered across every room can attest, snail mail isn't extinct just yet. Put paper in its proper place — the recycling bin — with my solutions for banishing needless scraps and going digital.

8 Apps to Help You Stay Organized

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Did you misplace Grandma's sugar cookie recipe again? Check out the Cook app. This app lets you create your own digital cookbook and share it with others in your network. You can design the cover, add recipes and tips and even record the story that goes along with the dish. Then, find and make friends and swap books.


How many times have you unpacked your grocery bags to find out you forgot the one thing you went to the store to buy? We've all been there, but let's move on. The Hiku lets you scan items that need to be replenished from your kitchen. You can also add new items you need just by speaking their name. You will always have the list with you since it syncs with your phone, so you won't have to take trip number two to the store again.

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You're looking for a photo to send to your sister, but you can't remember if it's on your iPad, laptop, Facebook account or your phone. By the time you find it, you probably could have drawn her a picture. ThisLife by Shutterfly allows you to save and organize all your videos and photos in one place with a touch of a button. Now, you'll definitely find the embarrassing baby photos in time for the birthday party.


If you have a file folder containing every instruction manual and warranty you've ever received, it might be time to toss it and check out Unioncy. Create an account, and upload or forward the receipts to Unioncy. They'll keep copies of everything for you and send you warranty alerts and recall notifications by email.

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We all know one truth: The house would be a lot easier to clean if we could stay ahead of it. But knowing it and actually doing it are two different things. BrightNest is an amazing program you can use to track and schedule your chores. You receive reminders about what needs to be done and tips tailored to your family and your home. BrightNest is the little cheerleader you can carry with you as you clean.


You've gotten a little better at getting rid of spam, but now it's time to take your inbox to the next level. The Mailbox app allows you to quickly categorize new messages with a swipe of your finger. You can archive, delete or even delay messages instantly. Make your mail work for you by scheduling non-urgent messages to resurface at a later date.

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If your stack of bills gets overwhelming, look into the free bill organizer, Manilla. This free service links to your accounts, tells you what's due and links you straight to online bill pay. Buh-bye, late fees. With unlimited document storage, you have access to your statements eternally.


Do you remember when you bought the chicken sitting in your fridge? Before you waste money or risk food poisoning, look into DaysAgo. These unobtrusive digital day counters attach to your food by magnet or suction cup. They track up to 99 days, so you'll never play the grocery guessing game again. You can also use the app for prescription pills and makeup.

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Forget towering mountains of bills where due dates go unseen, and embrace the power of the shredder. I'll take you step by step through setting up a paperless workstation so you can convert the piles into pixelated organization. And as for that junk mail — there's an app for that. A paperless life isn't pulp fiction anymore.

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