French Drains for Basements

An interior or exterior French drain might be the extra step your basement requires in order to prevent water damage. The solution may be a simple, do-it-yourself project or entail the opinion of an experienced contractor.

French Drain Project

French Drain Project

By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

If the necessary steps to waterproof a basement have been taken and leakage problems still arise, then it may be necessary to consider a French drain. French drains are ideal for keeping moisture and water seepage away from a basement, allowing a home and its contents to stay free of damage.

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One of the easiest ways to install a French drain without professional help is to implement the system from the exterior of a home. This allows for the drain to be positioned within the highest point of the yard which is often the culprit behind water runoff that leaks into a basement. An exterior French drain is installed by placing a drainpipe under the soil and will work to divert water away from the foundation of a home.

An interior French drain system is much more complicated in the sense that it requires digging into the foundation that lines the basement walls. This project would most likely require the help of a professional, assuming that large power tools, like a jackhammer, are unavailable to the homeowner.

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