Find Time to Get Fit

Fitting in a workout at the gym is difficult when you have a busy schedule, but these savvy at-home ideas will help you stay on track.

Find Time to Get Fit 03:59

Here are high-, low- and no-tech solutions to help you get and stay fit.

Squeezing in a workout used to mean I had to go out — as in leave my house and drive to the gym. I never blocked this time-intensive effort into my schedule, but I found savvy ways to work out that don't significantly impact my day. That means, no excuses! 

Clever Ways to Sneak in More Exercise

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Watch Your Favorites During Workouts

True, some experts say that workouts are optimized when we don't multitask. But if watching your favorite show on your tablet means you'll spend more minutes on the treadmill, that's a tradeoff that pays off.

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Commute to Work

You have to take the trip to work anyway, so this time is as free as it comes. If the weather works with you, try biking or walking part of the way.

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Set the Alarm Early

Set your alarm just 15 minutes early to do some stretches and light cardio before your morning shower. Do them regularly, and you'll see a difference in days.

Get Rid of Time Wasters

An app like Caato Time Tracker tells you exactly where your time is going and makes it easy to get rid of time wasters. Turn it off anytime you stop working, and you may find yourself getting much more efficient.

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Be Strict About Scheduling

Don't postpone your workout whenever something else comes up. Put it on your calendar, set up a reminder and protect your time to exercise.

Make Lunch Hour Power Hour

Head for a nearby park, speed walk the streets around your building or even do laps on the stairs in your building. Use a fitness tracker to help keep track of steps and exercise time.

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Try a Mini Workout

The internet is awash with quick workouts you can do at home for free. Search for "mini workout" on YouTube to find a huge variety that takes only a few minutes apiece.

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Delegate Your Errands

Still can't find enough hours in the day? TaskRabbits can run errands for you, so you'll have time to work out for much less than the price of a personal trainer.

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Stretch at Your Desk

Sitting at a desk for eight-plus hours a day takes a toll on the body. To fit a little movement into your day and relieve stress, try some simple and inconspicuous yoga stretches at your desk. Start with a high altar pose then move through eight additional movements, ending with a bridge stretch.

Get Fit While Getting Stuff Done

Have a long list of housework to conquer? You can get that to-do list done and squeeze in moderate exercise at the same time. Weeding, raking, planting seeds, mowing, doing the dishes, vacuuming and mopping are all surprisingly active tasks. They may not give you a six-pack, but they definitely burn some calories.

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You can do these micro-workouts at home, at work or simply going about your routine. Add some of the newest devices and apps and you can get fit while feeling great. While it may take 10,000 steps to get heart-healthy and keep my energy level up, that doesn’t mean I have to run a marathon or take a hike to heed results. With an activity tracker, I can simply make slight changes to my routines — like parking further away from an entrance or swapping out a traditional chair with an exercise ball. I also like to use a fitness website that tracks my workouts and donates money in the name of my progress to the charity of my choice. Good karma for me and my thighs!

8 Fitness Gadgets to Try

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Tinké Fitness Tracker

Get all your exercise-centric vitals — heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation — with this tracker that shows results with a simple touch. 

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Withings Aura Sleep Monitor

Quality sleep improves your overall health, not to mention the energy it gives you to exercise. This under-the-mattress sleep sensor and bedside light monitors your sleep cycles and gently wakes you at the optimal time so you feel refreshed.

Photo By: Withings Aura

Fitbit Aria Scale

This scale talks to your fitness tracker and phone, so you receive celebratory messages as you reach your fitness goals and a big-picture look at your progress over time. Stepping on the scale feels great for a change. 

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Jaybird Bluetooth Earphones

Boasting sweat-repellant materials, these wireless earbuds are made to fit over your ears so their cord doesn't touch your neck, and wires don’t interrupt your workout. Jog unencumbered.

LeapFrog Fitness Band for Kids

Inspire kids to get moving with this clever app, which makes exercise fun and encourages healthy habits with a customizable fitness pet pal.

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Xbox Fitness Workout at Home

Bring a celebrity trainer home — Shaun T of Insanity, Tony Horton of P90X, Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson — with a video fitness game that can get you into shape with personalized feedback. They respond to your form, power and pulse rate so you get the best results.

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Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Watch

There are other less-than-attractive fitness trackers you can wear on your wrist, but here's one that's stylish and versatile. In the luminous, anodized aluminum color of your choice, the Misfit Shine disc monitors your steps, calories and sleep, while also working as a watch. You can also wear it as a necklace, pin or bracelet. 

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WiFi-Connected Spin Bike

If the spin class schedule at your gym doesn't work with your schedule, try the Wi-Fi-connected Peloton spin bike that streams live spin classes directly from New York City to your machine. You'll have a front-row seat facing the instructor, complete with video chat. 

Photo By: Peloton Cycle; Photography by Eric Hwang

For those times when I need a little help kicking some calories to the curb, I call in the troops — my family of coaches — to cheer me on. Looping my kids in on my fitness goals and enlisting their creative skills to motivate me allows me to stay focused. Learn how to make a motivational fitness poster at Made + Remade.

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