Colors for a Girl's Nursery

When choosing colors for your baby girl's nursery, think beyond pink. There are many shades that will bring beauty and cheer to her room.



Baby nursery with neutral theme. The parents filed the shelving unit with books and toys. Other items are displayed on picture ledges at varying levels on the wall. The giant map on the wall shows the child they are a citizen of the world.

Baby nursery with neutral theme. The parents filed the shelving unit with books and toys. Other items are displayed on picture ledges at varying levels on the wall. The giant map on the wall shows the child they are a citizen of the world.

By: Gina Hannah

When choosing colors for your baby girl's nursery, you don't necessarily have to think pink. Nearly any color, in the right shade, can help you create the nurturing environment you want for your little one. Start with two to three colors that appeal to you, and build a great color scheme your girl will love well into her childhood years.

Beautiful Baby Rooms

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For Girls: Pretty Stripes

Vintage prints and a color palette of green and pink create a truly sweet girl's nursery. Design by RMSer ellamomma.

For Girls: Pink and Chocolate Confection

As one of the trendiest color combinations, pink and chocolate are the perfect base for this elegant girl's nursery. A crystal chandelier tops off the design, while alternating stripes anchor the space. Design by RMSer MrsKeys.

For Girls: Sweet Pink Palette

Looking to create a traditional girl's nursery? Try a pink and white color palette combined with classic furnishings. Design by RMSer suznatural.

For Girls: Purple Whimsy

In this whimsical nursery, the homeowner complements a pastel palette with warm wood tones and white accents. Design by sammysmama.

For Boys: Transitional Style

Designer Vern Yip uses transitional colors so the room will easily adapt as the child gets older. Teal and brown bedding is balanced by dividing the wall colors into broad stripes, and hot-air balloons hung from the ceiling provide extra stimulation. Design by Vern Yip.

For Boys: Contemporary Flair

Create a minimalist nursery with sleek, modern furnishings and simple window treatments. Design by RMSer fleming23.

For Boys: Mod Pad

Get creative with circles and stripes in bold colors. Not only are they visually interesting, but they also create a whimsical and inventive environment. Design by RMSer 9609299.

For Boys: Chic Circles

A great design repeats an element throughout the space to tie the look together. For this nursery, designer Angelo Surmelis uses circles in the window treatments, area rug and even the mobile solar system. Design by Angelo Surmelis.

Gender-Neutral: Cottage Style

A combination of fabrics, including toile, polka dots and plaid, are used to create a cottage-inspired nursery for a boy or girl. Design by RMSer 8834609.

Gender-Neutral: Organic and Stylish

Designer Stephanie McWilliams creates a calming environment using all green products, including a solid wood crib, non-toxic paint and 100% organic accessories. The walls are painted green to represent growing and blue to add a calming effect.

Gender-Neutral: Bold Red

Not all baby rooms have to feature a pastel color palette. For this nursery, the homeowner uses bold colors and whimsical animals for a modern and playful environment. Design by RMSer kwhit1015.

Gender-Neutral: Modern Pastels

Pastel greens, yellows and blues are used to create a colorful grid wall that highlights the brilliant white crib and simple fabrics. Design by RMSer minisota.

Room for Two: Neutral Palette

A small space can still be transformed into a room for two with an elegant daybed and some smart space planning. The traditional crib and neutral palette also help to expand the room visually. Design by RMSer kelligallen.

Room for Two: Nautical Inspiration

A calming blue hue, horizontal stripes and nautical accents are perfect for this seaside home. Design by RMSer 8544207.

Room for Two: Royal Elegance

For this room for two, designer Sherri Blum had the unique challenge of creating a nursery that wasn't too masculine or too feminine. To make the space appealing to a boy and a girl, she used a soft apple green for the wall with accent colors of lavender, blue and yellow.

For wall color with real staying power, stick with a white or neutral shade on the walls and bring more color into your baby's room through rugs, window treatments and accessories. Neutrals create a tranquil backdrop for furnishings in a wide range of styles, and looks can be changed without you having to repaint the entire room. Add fabric and accessories in pink, yellow, or even red for a color pop. Bright colors will have a longer life in the room than pastels because they aren't as juvenile. Accessory colors are easier to change than wall paint when your growing girl begins expressing her own color preferences.

If you want more color on the walls, you have many choices. For a cool and soothing look, try sea-foam or green with yellow and white fabric, furniture and other accents. This color also looks good with unpainted wood furniture. If you want a green that is a bit warmer, consider sage or a soft lime shade.

Purple is another popular nursery color. If you like a traditional and elegant look, paint the walls in your favorite shade of purple or lavender and choose furniture that is painted white. For a touch of sophistication, choose black furniture pieces.

Blue, traditionally considered a boy's room color, doesn't have to be off-limits for a little girl. Choose a cornflower blue or aqua with accents in bright pink or orange for a cheery look. Unpainted wood furniture warms a blue room nicely, and white gossamer curtains and pretty bed linens will add a feminine touch.

Yellow and orange are great for bringing warmth and cheer into a room. They are the color of choice for many school-age girls, so they won't likely need to be changed soon. Choose muted shades to avoid color overload, and add pops of bright color with accessories.

One color to avoid in large doses is red, because it can be jarring to a baby's developing eyes. However, small touches of red and other bright colors are a great way to add cheer to the nursery.

Wall murals, stencils, stripes and other touches are popular in girls' rooms. Although many younger girls like themes such as cartoon princesses, avoid these in favor of more artistic murals of trees, flowers, butterflies and bees that won't be outgrown as quickly.

Girl's Retro Modern Nursery
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