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No matter where you live, adequate closet space is a must in order to maintain organization within a home. Learn more about various types of closets and how they might be used with these tips.

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Closetmaid Cm Ss White Wi

By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik
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Ask anyone who has ever bought or rented a home and they'll tell you one of the most important features of a living space is the closets. No matter what type of closet, the truth is adequate closet space can make or break home organization.

Linen, coat, bedroom and utility closets are all standard fixtures that allow for the storage of smaller items — like towels, outerwear and cleaning products — and clothing that is used on a day-to-day basis.

How to Make Your Walk-in Closet Resemble a Chic Boutique

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Crown Molding

The crown molding in this extravagant walk-in closet is a delicate touch that gives the space a high-end feel. Much like a boutique, the presentation of the clothes, shoes and even books makes the lovely space feel like more than just a room to store belongings. Cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Seating Area and Mannequin

To make your dressing experience more like a shopping experience, add a seating area outside of your closet — the perfect place for your friends to sit and help you pick out the right look. And for an extra touch of glam, add a life-size mannequin to model your possible outfits. Photo courtesy of California Closets


Digging through a pile of wrinkled ties each morning before work can really put a damper on the rest of your day. Why not make it easier with a built-in drawer inset? This inset keeps ties wrinkle free and visible, saving you valuable time and helping you look great in the process. Photo courtesy of Studio Becker

Laundry Cabinet

Nothing kills the look of a fancy closet faster than a pile of filthy clothes. Hide your dirty garments with a built-in laundry cabinet. On top of being discreet, most laundry cabinets come with an easy-to-remove basket, making laundry day just a little easier. Photo courtesy of California Closets

Gold Accents

The gold accents in this ultra-feminine walk-in closet look fabulous against the creamy-white furnishings, and the vintage-inspired curtains tie the entire room together. Because this spacious closet has a place for everything, keeping the lavish space clutter free is not an issue. Photo courtesy of Studio Becker

Photo By: Courtesy of Studio Becker

Valet Rod

One thing that characterizes a classy boutique is the beautiful clothes on display. So whether you want to set your clothes out for the day ahead or simply display that gorgeous cocktail dress you hardly ever get to wear, a valet rod may be the way to go. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

Jewelry Organizer

To really make your closet resemble a high-end boutique, give each piece of jewelry a place of its own. Jewelry inserts feature separate compartments for rings, necklaces, bracelets and any other small trinket that may need storing. And since each lovely piece is so easily accessible, you will always know your choices ahead of time and won't have to spend all morning digging for a pair of matching earrings. Photo courtesy of Studio Becker

Tie Rack

While a jewelry drawer insert is great for most knickknacks, a person with multiple long necklaces may need a different type of storage. A great way to decorate your closet, show off your favorite gems and make accessories handier is a tie rack. They're great for necklaces, scarves and, of course, ties. Be creative, and see what other uses you can dream up with these useful closet helpers. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

Cherry Cabinetry

The open space, striking cherry cabinetry and frosted glass make this closet just as tasteful as a stylish boutique. Extra touches, like the vase in the forefront and candles in the background, add to the closet's charm and appeal. Design by Danenberg Design

Drawer Dividers

Another nice aspect of a boutique is the fact that you never have to sort through clutter to find something, and with clear drawer dividers, you will no longer have to sort through clutter in your closet, either. Now your favorite belts, gloves, sunglasses and scarves can live in perfect harmony — in their own separate living spaces, of course. Photo courtesy of California Closets

A Chandelier

Whether it's sweet and white or vast and made entirely of crystal, a chandelier will immediately add a glam factor to your walk-in closet. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Extra Touches

Sometimes, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. In this elegant walk-in closet, a decorative ceiling adorned with a fabulous chandelier sets the tone for a clean, luxurious space. Colorful flowers and lovely glass doorknobs are charming additions. Design by Julie Massucco Kleiner

A Place for Everything

Rows and rows of hanging space assure that all clothes, including long coats and dresses, have a place of their own. And let's not forget the bags and shoes, which are allowed to take center stage along the back wall. A carefully created display room makes coordinating the perfect outfit a breeze. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

Photo By: Courtesy of ClosetMaid

Wire Systems

Emulating the appearance of a classy boutique may seem like a costly endeavor, but there are always cheaper alternatives to every look. For example, the wire system of this spacious walk-in closet is an affordable setup with clean lines and a classic style. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

Color Show

The clothes and shoes may be the most important aspect of your closet, but be careful not to ignore the rest of the room. After all, a fresh coat of paint can take any room to a whole new level. The mint walls in this walk-in closet add a whimsical touch to the stylish space. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

Window Shopping

Adding a well-designed window to your walk-in closet allows the sunlight to flow through the room, making electric lights almost entirely obsolete. One thing to keep in mind when putting windows in your closet space is to keep direct light off of your clothes so they are never at risk of being damaged. Design by Trish Beaudet

From: Trish Beaudet

Storage Bins

Keep your closet clutter free with a couple of canvas storage bins. They are great for storing socks, scarves and out-of-season clothing. And the best part is they are easily accessible and just as easy to clean.

Touch of Glass

To really make your walk-in closet look like a high-class boutique, keep your beautiful belongings behind glass doors. All your favorite pieces remain visible, but the added barrier exudes high-end appeal.

Behind the Veil

Like the back room of an ultra-luxurious jewelry store, adding a lavish curtain to the entrance of your walk-in closet can give the whole look a feeling of exclusivity. After all, when shopping in your own closet, what customer could be more special than you? Photo courtesy of California Closets

Room to Breathe

While an island in the center of a large walk-in closet is a great place for extra storage, sometimes extra space to move around is the greatest luxury of all. An organized, spacious closet is calming and peaceful, while a cluttered, busy closet can be overwhelming. Photo courtesy of California Closets

On Display

A walk-in closet that is perfectly personalized to your specific needs has amazing potential to wow, especially since you can put all of your favorite belongings on display. This deluxe closet has a place for scarves, shoes, bags and even perfume. Photo courtesy of The Container Store

Of course, if closet space is plentiful, then the options for closet systems multiply, allowing for more storage and organization choices. A walk-in closet is a popular type of closet for homeowners who are seeking a larger space in which to organize clothing, shoes and accessories. His-and-her closets are also an option for master bedroom, and a closet that is designated specifically for a child's clothing and toys is particularly useful for keeping clutter under wraps.

One of the most useful closet types outside of the bedroom is the kitchen pantry. A pantry space is ideal for storing canned goods, a surplus of kitchen cleaning products or small appliances, such as a blender or slow cooker.

Organize All the Closets Throughout Your House

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