Bedroom Lighting Designs

Illuminate your bedroom with lighting features that add convenience and enhance the room's design. Browse these photos for ideas.

Photo By: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Recessed Lighting

A versatile lighting option, recessed lights cast subtle ambient lighting in this bedroom. Table and floor lamps provide task lighting for reading in bed or on the chaise lounge. Design by Andreas Charalambous

Layers of Light

Without lighting, this opulent bedroom wouldn't be nearly as striking. Recessed fixtures installed along the perimeter of the ceiling highlight the windows and the elaborate screen behind the bed. Table and floor lamps provide task lighting. Design by Baylor Anne Bone

Wall-Mounted Lights

In this bedroom designed by Ann Wisniewski, wall-mounted light fixtures with adjustable arms allow for convenient late-night reading in bed. Bedside lights should operate on individual switches, either directly on the fixture or a wall switch within easy reach.

Soffit Lighting

A soffit fixture casts soft light over an upholstered wall in this bedroom, creating a focal point and providing ambient illumination. A large window lets in ample natural light. Design by Jennifer Duneier

Modern Mood Lighting

In this bedroom, the dark wenge backdrop to the bed contains a cove with a hidden LED light strip that can be adjusted according to mood. Hanging pendant fixtures flanking the bed provide light for reading and add another stylish touch. Design by Andreas Charalambous

Elegant Chandelier

A dramatic black and polished-nickel chandelier sets a romantic mood and provides soft ambient light in this luxurious bedroom. Coordinating sconces and table lamps wash the walls with light. Design by Lisa Stanley

Multifunctional Track Lights

Track lighting serves two purposes in this contemporary bedroom: It provides general illumination and highlights the artwork displayed on the wall. Simple light fixtures complement the room's clean design. Design by Andreas Charalambous

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