Bedroom Ceiling Stars

Create a heavenly look in your bedroom by adding glittering stars to your ceiling.



By: Gina Hannah
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Create the look of sleeping under the stars in your own bedroom by using your ceiling as the canvas for a heavenly scene. The method you choose to get your bedroom ceiling stars will depend on whether you want your stars to be visible during the day, at night, or both.

8 Themed Bedrooms for Kids

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Library in the Clouds

Inspired by the Dr. Seuss book Oh, the Places You'll Go, designer Felicity Chapman, of I.S. Design in Los Altos, Calif., designed this room for smarts and whimsy.

As parents of little bookworms know, book collections often outgrow their bookshelves. Chapman not only gave the little literati room to grow her collection, but she also added some fun and useful touches: The lower cabinets store toys in easy-to-remove baskets and the inner panels have magnetic paint. "The doors are functional for storage, but they are also great places to practice spelling and to display [artwork]," Chapman says.

The oversized floor pillows and window seat create cozy reading nooks where a child can dive solo into her favorite story or cuddle up with a parent for some quality reading time.

Under the Sea

Your little marine enthusiast will treasure this under-the-sea adventure room, complete with a gnarly surfing headboard and a treasure-chest bed. But the children's room mural is the star of the show in this water wonderland. "When a child walks in the room and shuts his door, he feels, literally, like he's underwater," says designer Becky Najafi, of the De Atelier Design Group.

The underwater party on the walls did create a dilemma, however: The swarm of beautiful oceanic creatures wash a wave of watery authenticity over the space, but leave little room for bookcases or large pieces of furniture. Najafi solved the storage problem by finding a treasure of a captain's bed for this undersea adventure, which keeps a wealth of booty hidden inside.

Come Sail Away

Dock your little captain in this cool-breeze nautical room, where he or she can sail away anytime into dreamland. From Pottery Barn Kids, the boat bed anchors the room, but accessories, such as the nautical flags and architectural sailboat sketches, will drive learning and curiosity about sailing, navigation and seaside communications.

While it's clear that living in this sailboat sanctuary will thrill the seafaring soul, boosting the educational aspect of the room is as easy as A, B, C. Decorate with the colorful and geometrically interesting nautical flag alphabet, and make it a breeze to combine a child's oceanic interests with reading and codes.

Wild, Wild West

Wow your child with this Wild West bungalow, complete with a teepee canopy. This room, featured at PoshTots, has neutral walls to showcase the big sky-toned accessories like Americana art reproductions and a Western-style chair.

Parents can decorate and educate by displaying a series of maps showing the nation's acquisition of the Western states, and take the opportunity to talk with older children about the plight of the Native Americans during the Western movement. Native American symbols on the teepee can be carried as a theme throughout the room, as well: paint them as a border or hang artistic representations as stand-alone art pieces.

If a child's love of the Old West is more about mares and less about manifest destiny, saddle up the room with horseback riding accessories. An equine-loving child will have a galloping good time decorating with horseshoes, cowboy boots or even a saddle chair. Brighten up the room with colorful bandana-patterned lamp shades or sheets to add a burst of color while staying true to the horse-loving theme.

Fantasy Fairyland

"This room is all about imagination and fantasy," says designer Becky Najafi, of the De Atelier Design Group. With its fun femininity, it's sure to delight any little girl who loves stories of faraway lands and happy endings.

But the marriage of practicality with whimsy isn't just a dream here. The daybed has a trundle for sleepovers, and an opposite wall features a built-in desk area. The mural on the walls depicts a fairy-tale land, complete with glitter-glazed paints and a personalized portrait of the little girl who lives in the room. The brightly colored geometric print on the bedspread and fabulously frou-frou canopy set the stage for a little girl's imagination.

Naturally Grown

For pint-sized naturalists, the world is one big mystery. Just like plants, giving little earth enthusiasts the right environment will allow them to bloom and grow. This kids' room theme, from Pottery Barn Kids, is fertile ground for little gardeners and nature lovers.

The combination of chalkboard, pegboard and corkboard wall modules allows children to keep organized and jot down ideas or artistic inspirations while also giving them a place to display plant charts, insect photos or their own creative creatures. On the floor, the Schoolhouse Storage Cubbies feature storage solutions for budding brains. Keeping seeds, nature guides and bug books organized will become natural with drawers as well as a wide-open shelf. Adding a window box where children can cultivate plants will delight growing gardeners, so an attractive all-weather rug underneath the dirt-filled delights may be a bright idea.

Brainy Builders

Play is the building block of childhood learning, and this romper room, collaboratively designed by Lena Seow, Vrinda Khanna and Suzan Wines of I-Beam Design, is an architecturally inclined child's wonderland. LEGO boards cover a wall of this room, from floor to ceiling. "Children can build with or against gravity," says Wines, adding that the child's ability to impact the basic architecture of the play area by building on the wall is a large part of the appeal. "Everything a child builds becomes an integral part of the play-space architecture until a new construction is made," she says.

The room also features small cube-shaped pillows, adding to the building adventure. "Kids can build their own environments to play in and on," Wines says.

For older children who might not enjoy primary-colored LEGO walls but who have a more mature understanding of design, find old blueprints and frame them for a sophisticated architectural environment.

Around the World

The earth is a very big place, and your child will experience the wonders of the world while tucked away in this global room from PoshTots. Maps on the walls and as furniture embellishments will give your child visions of wide open spaces beyond their home, while the compass rose mosaic theme on the furniture carries the cartography theme across the room. Parents can explore the learning power of this theme further by decorating the walls with large maps of different continents, or by painting a directionally accurate compass on the ceiling.9-poshtots-kids-bedroom

The simplest way to create a star-gazing scene on a bedroom ceiling is to stick the shapes directly onto the ceiling. Most often used in children's rooms, adhesive glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent vinyl stars can be purchased in stores or online, in various styles and sizes.

You can also use paint to create a starry night. For a look often found in Victorian-era homes, paint the ceiling a deep blue and add stars with gold paint. The stars will show up in the daylight, but not at night. If you want your painted stars to glow at night, you can also use luminescent paint, which will give them a nighttime glow.

If you prefer a modern or eclectic look, you can use mirror tiles in the shape of stars, which will catch any direct or indirect light you have in your bedroom. Sketch out the design you want on paper before grabbing your ladder to get the look you want.

If your budget allows, you can purchase a fiber-optic star ceiling made to fit your room. You can order a system in an array of constellation designs. The cost can be several thousand dollars. For a less expensive fiber-optic system, you can purchase a fiber-optic kit that you can install in the ceiling yourself by setting hundreds of lights into holes you've drilled in the ceiling from the attic above. The kit costs a few hundred dollars and includes an illuminator that allows you to adjust the twinkle speed of the lights. This option creates a brilliant starry scene in a child's bedroom or nursery, or even in a dreamy master bedroom suite.

If you prefer to get your starry night without spending a lot of time working on the ceiling, you can purchase a projection system or light. The cost of a lamp or projector varies from the price of a desk lamp to a few hundred dollars for a projector system.

Painted stars or stars created from fiber-optic lighting look particularly stunning in a high tray ceiling or a vaulted ceiling. If you have a tray ceiling, consider installing "hidden" light tubes in the crown molding to provide indirect light to complement stars that are painted in gold, or add a glow to a fiber-optic system.

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