Amazing Lighting Designs

The right lighting can make or break a room. Browse photos of spaces with incredible lighting designs and get inspired to light up your own home.
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November 25, 2014

Photo By: BBP

Photo By: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport

Unique Light Fixture

Look for unique fixtures that will add character to your room or draw attention to a favorite feature. In this kitchen, designed by Vanessa DeLeon, the Sputnik light draws attention to the piano, while the pendant lights illuminate the kitchen area.

Multipurpose Lighting

This space acts as a home office, art studio and lounge area, so movable track lights and under-mounted cabinet lighting provide versatile illumination for the room. In the lounge area, a fun helix-shaped fixture in teal and purple crystals add ambiance. Design by Candice Olson

Unobtrusive Reading Light

The overhead lighting in the wood provides the perfect glow for reading, while the ceiling fixtures create ambiance. Design by Antonio Ballatore

Layered Bathroom Lighting

The trick to bathroom lighting is to use layers. By including makeup lighting, wall sconces, decorative ceiling lights over the tub and accent lighting to showcase artwork, you can create a beautifully illuminated space. Design by Scott Arthur Yerkey in Chicago

Let In Natural Light

The spiral chandelier echoes the round table in this dining room. This space also has large windows, allowing natural light into the room. Designed by Lori Dennis

Use Adaptable Lighting

Lampshades are easy to switch out when you're ready to give your home a new look, so don't be afraid to choose fun colors and patterns. The playful silk shade adds a little color and character to this dining area, designed by Christopher J. Grubb.

Simple Recessed Lighting

Simple recessed lighting complements the clean and contemporary feel of this space. The large lamp is a great focal point that also provides reading light for couch-sitters. The shelf lighting draws attention to the artwork. Design by Andreas Charalambous

Highlight a Focal Point

The sophisticated table lamps in this space provide ample lighting for reading and other tasks. Glass hurricanes with floating candles sit on the mantel, drawing attention to the fireplace and adding a little glamour to the room.

Add Interest With Shadows

The layered lighting in this space creates interesting shadows and manipulates the dimension of the area. Layered lighting can enhance the natural characteristics of wood, stone and metal and can help draw attention to the focal point of a room. Photo courtesy of Susan Serra

Soft Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting from an overhead light fixture washes this room with a subtle glow, while wall sconces cover the walls with light. Design by Troy Beasley

Dreamy Bathroom Lighting

The lampshades in this bathroom are beautiful yet subtle, with a frosted finish and laser-cut patterns. Lighting is a major factor in this relaxing bathroom's dreamy atmosphere. Photo courtesy of Kichler Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be used to highlight specific features of a room, such as architectural elements or artwork. In this dining room, accent lights emphasize the dramatic domed ceiling with hand-painted floral detail. Photo courtesy of Susan Serra

Dramatic Architectural Fixtures

This spa-like master bedroom has an architectural ceiling fixture that casts soft, ambient light. Sheer curtains allow natural light to flow in, while the bedside lamps add another interesting architectural element. Design by David Bromstad

Directional Lighting

Directional fixtures, which use bulbs that emit very narrow beams of light, can be used to highlight something special about a room. In this space, directional light shows off the beautiful stone wall. Halogen spotlights and table lamps also provide accent lighting in this dining area. Design by Lori Dennis

Lighting From Furniture

The Moroccan-style coffee table lights up, giving this room an interesting dimension. The over-the-top chandelier adds character, while the lamps by the wall help balance out the lighting throughout the room. Design by David Bromstad

Theatrical Lighting

A black crystal chandelier against a red backdrop adds a dramatic touch to this dining room. Recessed lighting brightens up the rest of the space. Design by Candice Olson

Hollywood Style

With a back-lit mirror, this powder room is reminiscent of a Hollywood dressing room. Bouncing off the mirror, the light presents a halo effect and creates drama in the space, designed by Melissa Salamoff.

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