10 Stylish Basement Laundry Rooms

Set your laundry day up for success with a well-planned and comfortable space.

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Clean and Conceal

Oftentimes the basement is home to several rooms in one. So, when you'd rather not showcase the washer and dryer during family movie night, just hide it away with a custom set of double doors.

Double Up

Featuring plenty of cabinets for storage, open counter space for folding and two sets of washers and dryers, this laundry room is ready for some serious soil.

Customize It

Don't let lack of a designated laundry room keep you from having all the things you need. Consider adding inexpensive cabinets and shelves in the basement to get the custom look you desire.

Make It Yours

Set the laundry area apart from the rest of the basement, while also making laundry day a little more enjoyable with a fun wallpaper design.

All the Amenities

Vibrant color and a TV and DVD player make laundry day more of a privilege than a chore.

Soft Touch

Light-colored cabinets, a warm rug underfoot and a beautiful bouquet of silk flowers can make even the darkest of basements seem homey.

Curtain Call

A metallic divider separates this sleek laundry room from the rest of the space, while also adding to the room's modern appeal.

Elevated Storage

A platform underneath the washer and dryer offers extra storage space, while a ledge above can be used for decorative pieces or more practical cleaning supplies.

Work Station

Take advantage of all your basement's space by combining your laundry room with a home office. It's never been easier to get a little work done while waiting for your whites to dry.

Hide and Chic

A funky fabric table liner may be just the thing to conceal a mess of dirty clothes while also giving your laundry space a fun punch of color.

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