Sophisticated Bathroom Designs

Check out these masterpieces if you're in the market for a bathroom remodel.

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Convenient and Luxurious

Tired of your dreary bathroom? Consider these classy design ideas: Warm-colored marble, natural granite tones, a maple vanity and an open, airy shower and drying area are at the heart of the well-composed welcoming space of this in-home luxury spa. With towels and shampoo close at hand and a bench outside the shower that provides a convenient spot for toweling off, the homeowner is sure to feel pampered in the new bathroom. The overall tone set in this transitional-style bathroom is one of accommodation and classic design.

Artistic Materials

The objective in this space was a powder room that made a strong visual impact by incorporating minimal modern design with soft organic lines and the application of natural materials and colors. The designer beautifully accomplished this by creating depth through variations in color, texture and shape. Rounded shapes in the mirror and a thick floating countertop, coupled with a three-layer effect on the wall, provide ample focal points in an artfully pleasing space. Porcelain tile, glass mosaic and a round backlighted mirror create a stunning textured effect on the primary wall. Shimmering hues of steel gray, tan and taupe offer complementary blends and contrasts in a powder room that aptly conveys the definition of art in design.

Japanese Influence

The homeowner, a collector of antique Samurai swords and an instructor of laido (Japanese swordsmanship), wanted his new powder room to reflect the Japanese culture. Soft silver wallpaper from Japan contrasts with the polished black pebbles stacked to create a shimmering backsplash. Kimono-shaped mirrors and a dramatic 42-inch faucet, which imitates the outline of a samurai sword, further support the culturally defined environment. The path of the water over a shimmering rock backdrop alludes to a waterfall flowing into a hollowed piece of black granite. Backlighted shoji panels, an antique Japanese merchant's ledger chest vanity, and ranma (wooden transoms) turned vertically as swinging doors all act as supporting components of the cultural effect.

Contemporary Masculinity

In the creation of a guest bathroom that also comfortably accommodates the homeowner's young adult son, a blend of classic materials was applied in nontraditional ways. A heavier-styled vanity complements classic marble to add masculinity to the space while still allowing frequent overnight guests to feel welcome and comfortable in this sleek full bath. The installation of honed-marble field tile and upended tile in the wainscot cap brings a contemporary element that acts as a congenial contrast with the traditional quality of marble. Matte-black glass lines accent the dove-gray veining in the marble floor, shower and wainscot.

Efficient Elegance

This redesigned bath became smaller but more efficiently customized for the busy empty-nest homeowners. A dividing wall was moved to create the additional square feet the homeowners wanted in their master bedroom while still allowing for a spacious and luxurious bathroom. A large two-person shower replaced an existing and mostly unused dry sauna, steam shower and whirlpool tub to better-suit the couple's fast-paced lifestyle. A striking piece of furniture was designed into the room for linen storage, and a generous vanity space for two easily accommodates both husband and wife. Heavy in detail, the lighting sets a relaxing mood, while rich, warm cherry and burl veneers are paired with natural stone floors to envelope the space in a cozy elegance.

French-Style Retreat

A posh Paris hotel spa the homeowners had visited was the inspiration for their master bathroom. The stunning result rests on a foundation of Turkish marble and furniture-style cabinets that replicate French country cabinetry prevalent in the South of France during the 18th century. A stunning wall of candle niches offers pockets of glowing light against a backdrop of blue marble. The therapeutic benefits of chromotherapy have been incorporated through lighting in the tub and shower areas. Radiant-heated floors, a heated towel rack, a built-in bench, piped-in music and a flat-screen television mounted behind a tempered one-way mirror all help make for the ultimate private retreat well-suited for a French chateau.

Calming Oasis

The sunny glowing monochromatic palette warms this master bath as it provides seamless transitions between task areas. The romantic environment is assisted by subtle touches like a tub area filled by a stream of water from the ceiling, a tub decking area for candles and incense and a small fireplace in the glass container of the wing-wall room divider. Smooth spa stones, floating cabinetry and a sand-etched glass closet door offer interesting, unique visual components with an unobtrusive simplicity that contributes to the relaxed environment.

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