NKBA 2013 Bathroom: Showers Expected

A streamlined look and feel, coupled with traditional touches such as inset doors and handmade subway tile walls, maximize the visual impact of this bath originally built in the 1920s.

Photo By: sphotodesign.com

Photo By: Photo Credit: sphotodesign.com

Photo By: Photo Credit: sphotodesign.com

Photo By: Photo Credit: sphotodesign.com

Showers Expected

In this clever bathroom design, the entire room serves as a shower floor, with diverter panels and two shower floor drains to keep water from the sink and toilet areas.  

Showers Expected

Clear glass shower deflectors, along with clever placement of floor tile behind the toilet and the sink bump-out, contribute to the clean and open composition of the room.  

Showers Expected

The built-in vanity and tall cabinet ensure personal care at its convenient best.  

Showers Expected

A frosted-glass window in the shower space provides plenty of natural light, brightens up the room and highlights the aqua and green tile accents.  

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