Eclectic Bathrooms

Get all the info you'll need on eclectic bathrooms, and get ready to create a unique and entertaining bath space in your home.

Red Contemporary Bathroom

Red Contemporary Bathroom

This urban, industrial powder room features scarlet red walls to generate instant excitement and contrast with the surrounding fired metal panels. Novel, bare bulb fixtures dangle humbly from red cable, illuminating the surroundings in a stylish manner.

By: Sean McEvoy

Bathrooms are often an opportunity to let your wildest design dreams come true. If you're considering installing a new bathroom or updating an existing one, you'll want to peruse these ideas for eclectic bathrooms.

Make a Statement in Your Powder Room

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Modern Romance

This powder room by Andreea Avram Rusu manages to be both modern and romantic. The various shades of rose in the tile soften the industrial vibe given off by the concrete sink and stainless steel toilet.

The Illusionist

RMS user gdeancooper used the same tiles on the floor and wall to create the illusion of length in this teeny powder room. The sink, vanity and faucet are all made of glass resulting in showstopping fixtures.

Simple Statement

Sometimes a simple color palette and some mod fixtures can create a statement. Andreas Charalambous uses an oval mirror, porcelain sink and wall-mounted fixtures to create a minimalist sanctuary.

First Impression

The wallpaper in this powder room might make you forget what you went in there for. An unusual impressionist feel along with a basin sink create a room guests will be talking about for days.

Get Smart

A smart structure like this innovative sink makes the most of a tiny half bath. A small glass "counter" provides a home for bathroom essentials while a ring around the sink's plumbing acts as a towel rack.

Show It Off

RMS user vickiborn turned her windowless powder room into a sexy showroom. Accent lighting in the shadow box cutouts shows off smartly chosen accessories, while a hammered-out copper sink and stone walls provide plenty of visual interest.

Wow 'Em With Wainscot

Traditional stylings can be just as stunning as neon wallpapers and sleek, modern fixtures. A galley-style powder room makes a statement by playing up its architectural flaws rather than hiding them. Black, checkered tile and wainscoting draw the eye down the long, potentially awkward space toward the vanity and mirror.

Faux Ferocious

The faux treatment on this powder room's walls give it the look of a 17th-century French chateau. Simple techniques and unique accessories can give your half bath the royal treatment — even if you live in an apartment in Cleveland.

Moving Mosaic

By tiling the wall behind the sink, Andreas Charalambous creates visual interest without overwhelming those lucky enough to visit this mosaicked powder room. Small object boxes, reflected in the mirror, are an efficient way to display treasures in a small space.

Wallpaper Power

Feel free to experiment with bold prints and deep colors in your powder room. If you don't like it, you don't have a lot of space to re-cover. Move on to the next color or print that tickles your fancy and keep your houseguests guessing.

Stone Age

Exposed brick, a stone sink and a marble counter harken back to a time before Formica and wallpaper. The metal mirror and light fixtures add modern sensibility to this powder room.

Looking Glass

RMS user lauriemichelle turned her everyday powder room into something extraordinary by simply adding a large, gold mirror. A room with a giant accessory like this doesn't need floral wallpaper or faux finishes to stand out.

Light and Airy

The details are what makes this ethereal powder room stand out. RMS user GAUDYAUD mixes olive-green walls with whimsical accessories to brighten up a windowless room.

Haute Hollywood

Gold accents, red walls, soft lighting and a travertine countertop make this powder room fitting for an Old Hollywood starlet. Kim Smart's delicate embellishments and ornate accessory choices create a most impressive space.

Wall-to-Wall Tile

Forget paint and wallpaper — Joseph Pubillones knows how to make a statement by covering all of the walls in this powder room with tiles. Bonus: They are so easy to clean. The floating vanity and faucet add major style points.

Yellow Fever

Sometimes all you need is one bright color to make your powder room pop. This super-skinny half bath becomes the center of attention when Ackerman Interiors adds a coat of zesty canary yellow.

Prim and Proper

Trish Beaudet uses a counter-to-ceiling mirror and a dark and bold wallcovering to make this tiny half bath seem larger than life. By extending the counter space over the toilet, she creates more storage and a clever way to partially shield the commode.

From: Trish Beaudet

Totally Tile

Vanessa DeLeon made a simple brown and white color palette stand out by creating a random pattern with the tile, using a floating vanity and choosing not to mount the mirror on the wall.

Eclectic style is defined by drawing inspiration from a range of sources—and an eclectic design approach will often mix and match elements from several contrasting or complementary styles. This design style can be particularly effective in bathrooms, especially guest, half or three-quarter baths that stand alone, somewhat disconnected from the overall design aesthetic of the rest of the home. These types of bathrooms are often located in hallways or adjacent to guest rooms, which, incidentally, are also good places to experiment with eclectic design.

One of the best ways to achieve an eclectic style is the match the old and the new. If your prevailing bathroom design is modern or contemporary—featuring clean lines, smooth tile and updated fixtures—consider adding a bit of contrast with a classic, claw-footed tub, complete with traditional hardware, or even an archaic tub-filler mechanism. Similarly, placing a classic tub design on a modern stand, or enclosing a pedestal sink basin in a modern cabinet scheme, can have the same contrasting but complementary effect.

Another simple touch that can create an eclectic feel is to add rustic or natural elements to your bathroom design. Driftwood or unfinished natural wood for mirror frames, benches or storage cabinets can create an eclectic contrast with bright, light tile or countertops.

Creatively Colorful Shower Curtains

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