Cheap vs. Steep: Bathroom Countertops

Countertops can be one of the most expensive components of a bathroom remodel. Find which options fit into your budget.

Photo By: Federico DeVera

Cheap: Laminate Countertops

An inexpensive alternative to solid surface and stone, laminate countertops are available in many styles and colors and can even mimic the look of natural stone countertops. Image courtesy of Formica Corporation

Cheap: Basic Ceramic Tile

Simple ceramic tile is less expensive than natural stone and provides a water-resistant, easy-to-clean countertop surface. Design by Erinn Valencich
From: Erinn Valencich

Mid-Range: Engineered Stone Countertops

For somewhat larger budgets, quartz countertops combine the beauty of natural stone with the durability of a manufactured surface. Photo courtesy of HanStone Quartz

Mid-Range: Solid-Surface Countertops

A compromise between laminate and natural stone, acrylic-based solid-surface countertops are stain-resistant, easy-to-clean and available in dozens of colors. Image courtesy of Formica Corporation

Steep: Granite Countertops

Though more expensive than laminate or tile, granite countertops add value to a home and offer an elegant, stain-resistant surface. Design by Beth Haley

Steep: Marble Countertops

An elegant option for high-end baths, marble countertops offers dramatic veining and lovely colorations. Most marble scratches and stains easily, so this stone is best saved for gently used bathrooms. Design by Andreea Avram Rusu

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