Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Keep your bathroom in good condition by installing a ventilation fan, which removes excess moisture, odors and even mold spores. Here are a few ventilation systems to consider.

Photo By: Panasonic

Heater Fan

Aero Pure's combination ventilation fans with heat and light deliver immediate warmth when you step out of the shower while quietly clearing the bathroom of excess moisture. The low-noise fan features a built-in backdraft damper that prevents outdoor air from entering through the fixture.

Eco-Friendly Fan

Eco-friendly ventilation systems save energy and money. The Breez ventilation fan by Delta consumes up to 65 percent less power and operates more quietly than other options.

Night-Light Fan

The energy efficient Whisper Green-Lite fan by Panasonic offers quiet operation and unparalleled performance. The product comes with a convenient night-light feature and built-in delay timer controls. A motion sensor model is also available.

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