Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Explore your options for bathroom lighting ideas, and get ready to create a welcoming and well-lit bath space in your home.


A freestanding bathtub is the focal point of this cottage style bathroom from designer Anissa Swanzy.

From: Anissa Swanzy

By: Sean McEvoy

Natural light is often at a premium in bathrooms, which is why bathroom lighting ideas are especially important if you're remodeling an existing bathroom or installing a brand-new one. You'll want to explore a wide range of lighting fixtures to find ideas that suit your style, budget and bath space.

Bathroom Fixture Styles and Trends

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When considering light fixtures for your bath space, you'll first need to decide on the style of the lighting elements. If you're staying within the style of the rest of the home, this will be a simple case of choosing traditional, modern or contemporary elements to match. Classic wall sconces are often a good option for any style of bathroom, and they're now available in contemporary and traditional styles.

When choosing light fixtures, first determine what bulb strength they'll accommodate, and make sure it's the correct strength for your bathroom. You don't want the space to be under- or over-lit, so this is a key element. Perform a few tests with plug-in lamps and different bulbs before you decide on any lighting choices.

Sconces and track lighting work well on walls or ceilings in most bathrooms, and ceiling lights are more and more common in bathrooms. They range from simple, dome-covered bulbs to ornately designed chandeliers.

If space permits, table lamps can be an effective source of bathroom light for sitting areas or on a larger sink console or countertop.

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