Weedman Design Partners

We are designers, curators, collaborators and so much more.  We are passionate about creating unique and beautiful spaces with our clients.  Our projects can be found mostly in the Pacific Northwest – with a detour to Chennai, India. We started our business in a garage in 2003, got married in 2005, had a couple kids, blah blah blah, and now we are here.

Travis Weedman

Travis is  a visionary designer, storyteller and creative thinker. Our clients benefit from his unflagging devotion to fresh, functional and inspirational designs. He brings the big picture into focus with a straightforward, conceptual approach. Travis is also resourcefully hands-on, frequently on site and ready to jump in to get the job done. He grew up alongside the mighty Mullet River in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Arielle Weedman

Arielle is fastidious about creating designs that are relevant, authentic and grounded.  She’s an exceptional listener and project leader, with a direct and respectful approach to communication.  Arielle’s cool-headed, creative problem solving ensures that our projects stay on track and true to the client’s vision. Portland native, NEP.

Weedman Design Partners

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Weedman Design Partners
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