Spice Up the Outdoors With These Sexy Showers

Whether you're in an enclosed space or out in the open, an outdoor shower can be a convenient — and liberating — addition to your landscape and your life.

By: Karli Sanders
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Secret Hideaway

This contemporary shower spot is cleverly tucked away from the home's outdoor space and offers plenty of privacy on all four sides. Photo courtesy of David Hertz Architects

Poolside Refresher

These sleek, standalone showers provide a quick head-to-toe rinse before hopping in the pool for a late-night swim. Photo courtesy of Jaclo

Spa-Like Experience

As soon as the sun goes down, LED ribbon light illuminates the shower floor made from a combination of jellybean glass pebbles and epoxy.

The Best of Both Worlds

Just imagine you could bathe outdoors surrounded by a natural stone wall, then step just three feet into a private bathroom outfitted with a freestanding tub and double vanity. Now that's the perfect bathroom. Photo courtesy of Slifer Designs

Chic Exterior

Christopher J. Grubb fashioned this elegant shower after an upscale indoor bathroom. The sexy curves and quality tile make it seem as if the shower was cut straight out of a celebrity's Hollywood villa.

Contemporary Oasis

Designer Christopher Grubb creates the perfect outdoor retreat with a pergola, freestanding shower, fire pit and fountain. Simply draw the pergola curtains and there's an instant feel of privacy behind closed doors.

Rainforest Retreat

Having an entire area of your yard set aside for a steamy outdoor shower is about as sexy as the great outdoors can get. This rainforest-themed enclosure provides privacy with a hint of danger.

A Taste of the Outdoors

This indoor-outdoor tub room features a floating tub, fresh succulents and soothing water features. A surrounding privacy wall ensures bath time is tranquil and completely relaxing.

Room for Two

There's no need for bells and whistles in this shower stall. All it needs is two shower hooks.

Industrial Marvel

This outdoor shower area allows you to take care of all of your grooming needs while communing with nature. Take a shower in the semi-private enclosed shower and shave at the sink. There's no need to go indoors.

Natural Awakenings

Get back to nature by attaching a showerhead and knobs to an organic support. The palm trees set around this shower provide privacy and awaken the senses.

Double Down

Double doors lead to a luxurious outdoor shower. The walls are closed in for maximum privacy but the ceiling is left open for a romantic view of the sky above.

Bold Look

Existing natural elements in a landscape lend themselves to an exciting shower experience in this design by Paul Wrona.

Sexy Screen

Scott Cohen set up a beautiful and functional partition to hide this outdoor shower from neighbors. With a space this lovely, who would want to shower indoors?

Sky-High Stonework

This partially enclosed stone shower provides just enough privacy while still letting in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Steam 'n' Sip

Designer Scott Cohen used wine as his inspiration for this outdoor shower. Recycled wine bottles make up the mosaic display on the rounded shower wall, while the shower's spout is made from a wine barrel.

Relaxing Rendezvous

Simplicity can be sexy. A stone bed, privacy wall and simple fixture provide a perfect place for washing away the day's worries.

In the Mood for Blue

Step inside this blue tile shower for a quick rinse after a dip in the pool.

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