Poolside Showers

A shower by the pool is perfect for rinsing off chlorine or cooling off without having to jump in headfirst.
By: Karli Sanders

Three's Company

There's no need to form a line when you have three showers surrounding your pool. This design by Jaclo allows users to rinse off their legs and feet or take a full-body shower.

Summer's Creeping In

This design from The Pool Shower keeps it simple. Creeping vines give it character and style points.

Pool Pipe

This pipe-style shower from Jaclo sends out a stream of water to people looking to rinse off post-swim.

On Your Feet!

Sometimes you just need to rinse off your feet. Jaclo makes it easy to rinse any dirt and debris off before you dive into the pool.

Not Too Hot to Handle

The wooden handles on this design from Calazzo keep hands cool in the sweltering summer heat.

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