10 Fun Pool Floats to Soak Up Summer

Let your cocktail float alongside you or simply add a splash of personality to a day at the pool with one of these swanky, functional floats.

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In the Fold

A foldable float is a perfect choice for the backyard pool with limited storage space. If its vibrant rainbow design doesn’t scream summer, nothing will. 

Pillow Talk

Imagine a large, body-length pillow that goes from land to pool in a flash. Floating Luxuries’ body-hugging float will keep you relaxed on the water all day long.

Cocktail Hour

This luxe cocktail caddy float is made of durable Sunbrella marine fabric and comes in 3 classic colors. This American-made beauty brings the party into the pool with room for four glasses and a large pitcher or snack bowl.

Treasure Chest

Intex took a classic donut and crafted the ultimate floating ice chest for those epic summertime pool parties. The 16 quart cooler can hold up to 24 cans, while the outside boasts six deep cup holders.

Couch Potato

Want a float that feels as good as the couch? This aqua sofa has enough room to comfortably hold three people. 


The Explorer 200 Boat will make an adventure out of pool time for the kids. Available oars will only make it that much more fun. 

Flip Flop

Who said no shoes in the pool? This float is the obvious exception. While it’s a definite conversation starter, it’s also fun to play with or lay on.

Pirate Ship

While it’s still a good idea to put the arm floats or vest on the baby, let them play around in this cool pirate ship float. With a makeshift sail and flag, what’s not to love?

Whale Watching

Bring the essence of the deep blue sea poolside with this friendly whale rider. The kids will love it! 

Wild Things

Looking to make a fashion statement? Show off your personality with this cheetah print donut that comes with a golden backrest. 

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