Outdoor Room Makeovers by David Bromstad

Browse photos to see how David turns shabby outdoor rooms into colorful, chic spaces.

Before: Too Much Deck

The only green in this backyard comes from the leaves and palm fronds that have fallen onto the deck from surrounding trees. A large deck is a nice backyard feature to have but this deck has completely overtaken the yard.

After: Natural Surroundings

The deck is replaced with lush grass and the tall fence is traded for a shorter wall, which does double duty as a bench. Privacy is maintained with living walls of tropical plants. Three glazed ceramic cubes create a unique table while weather-resistant fabrics add lively pops of red, orange, lime green and turquoise.

Before: Colorless Entertaining Space

A large covered patio is the ideal locale for entertaining guests but this space isn't exactly party-ready.

After: Party-Ready Patio

Reclaimed lumber creates a one-of-a-kind table that will accommodate up to eight guests. Weather-resistant, floor-to-ceiling draperies and beautifully patterned rugs make this outdoor space feel like an extension of the indoors.

Before: Unused Space

This empty corner of the covered patio is prime real estate; leaving it unused is a missed opportunity.

After: Sit a Spell

David added all-weather furniture and fabrics to create a relaxing spot for catching up with friends or just curling up with a favorite book.

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