Outdoor Lounging Spaces: Daybeds, Hammocks, Canopies and More

Nap in the sun (or the shade) with our best ideas for hammocks, daybeds, cabanas and more.

Photo By: Courtesy of Peninsula Hotels

Photo By: Courtesy of Viceroy Hotels and Resorts

Swing in the Breeze

During the hottest months of the year, let the summer breeze pick you up with a swing on this hammock. Make your outdoor swinging bed even cozier by throwing a down comforter on top. It'll be more comfortable in the summer, and will be warm enough to extend hammock season into spring and fall.

A Haven in the City

This rooftop lounge is a relaxing oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. Ample throw pillows make these outdoor beds ideal for leaning back to take in the view. Flowering vines add color and create privacy between cabanas. Image courtesy Peninsula Hotels

Japanese Inspiration

Whether meditating or enjoying a cup of green tea, this daybed set amidst a bonsai garden is designed for ultimate relaxation. The red-and-brown bedding ties in perfectly with the yard's Japanese theme. Design by Jamie Durie

An Outdoor Room With a View

This teak daybed dangles from a grass-topped pavilion as it overlooks the soft waves on the beach in Mexico's Zihuatanejo Bay. Image courtesy Viceroy Hotels and Resorts

Romantic Retreat

This bed takes sleeping outdoors to a whole new level. Flannel sheets make the bed extra soft, while flowy curtains block stray sun rays and prying eyes. Design by Anne Marie Allen

No Trees Required

No two trees within hammock range? A framed version frees you up to relax anywhere in your backyard. The crew on HGTV's Going Yard placed this one in a quiet corner of the garden amidst flowers and herbs.

Urban Lawn Care

An outdoor daybed is possible even in the city. If you're an urban dweller looking for cushioned grass for your afternoon naps or picnics, this grass-filled daybed might just be perfect. Design by Pamela Berstler

Plant-Filled Bedroom

A backdrop of vertical garden pockets makes this outdoor lounging area part greenhouse and part bedroom. Jamie Durie designed this room to be an extension of the indoor bedroom at his very own home.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Lounging on a blanket in the grass is great, but what if the grass form-fitted to your body? That's what designer Jamie Durie created here with this sunken, clamshell-inspired sofa "upholstered" with grass and AstroTurf.

View From the Treetops

This way-up-high hammock is the perfect vantage point for surveying the entire yard — when you're not napping, of course. Design by Jamie Durie

A Shady Spot to Lounge

Creating a four-poster frame just for your daybed means you don't have to limit your placement to areas with existing structures. This one is situated at the edge of yard for maximum shade. Design by Jamie Durie

Make Your Own Hanging Daybed

Making your own daybed is simple — all you need is some lumber and a few basic tools. Learn how with our easy-to-build how-to project.

The Perfect Vantage Point

Sit down and stay awhile on this cushioned, out-of-the-way bench. Rambling ground cover and curved pavers lead your eye out to the rest of the yard. Design by Jamie Durie

Indoor/Outdoor Sofa

Believe it or not, this room used to be a carport. Designer Jamie Durie transformed this open-air room into a lounging spot for a crowd with a custom-made bench outfitted with bright pillows: style and comfort!

Nesting Outside

This nest-like outdoor pod is made from woven bits of recycled timbers, metal and twigs. The circular shell and soft plants make a trip to the central sitting area on the raised boardwalk almost irresistible. Design by Jamie Durie

Suspended Relaxation

Halfway between a hammock and a daybed, this suspended outdoor lounger is placed so the lucky occupant can either enjoy the view of the adjacent pond or take part in the action at the dinner table. Design by Jamie Durie

Bringing Outdoors In

Simple beds dressed with traditional Columbian textiles live in the transitional space between this home's lush surroundings and its interior rooms. The beds are on wheels, so you can reposition them to catch sun all day. Design by Luis Caicedo

A Place to Meditate

Whether you want to snuggle with the one you love or play queen of the garden with the kids, a daybed like this makes for a great afternoon getaway. In the back edge of the garden-scape, you'll get just the privacy you need. Design by Joan Grabel

Colorful Shade-Makers

Let the breeze take you away with the flowing drapes of this fantastical outdoor daybed. Design your own fantasy with graphic fabrics and dramatic height. Like a dream, it's an easy escape in your own backyard. Design by Pamela Berstler

Hammocks for Two

Tired of competing for the lone hammock? Try installing a pair, like this colorful woven version. Traditional woven hammocks allow for better air circulation while also conforming to the body. Design by Dan Berger

Canopy Bed in the Trees

This canopy-style daybed is situated on the edge of this tree-filled yard, so it's the perfect place to relax and still take in the action. Design by Jamie Durie

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