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Outdoor Bathtubs Make Your Home a Wellness Oasis

July 11, 2023

From soaking tubs and hot tubs to plunge pools and stock tanks, get inspired by our summer roundup of some of the coolest outdoor tubs.

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Photo: Jeff Warren Photography. From: Kristi Will.

Dip Your Toes Into These Outdoor Bathtub Ideas

Outdoor bathtubs encompass soaking tubs, hot tubs and small pools, although all encourage much-needed relaxation. Let these diverse styles and designer tips inspire your next home renovation project.

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From: Jamie Durie and The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie

Rustic and Sustainable Tubs

"Eco-friendly tubs made from recycled or sustainable materials are increasingly popular," says Artem Kropovinsky, Founder and Principal Designer of Arsight. This includes wood and stone. "Solar-heated tubs are another trend that reduces energy consumption."

Along those lines, "There is a rising demand for environmentally friendly products such as natural filtration systems and energy-efficient bathtubs," shares Peter Emmanuel Rossi, interior designer and founder of ByRossi.

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Photo: Jason Kisner

Japanese Ofuro Tubs

Japanese Ofuro tubs are also trending within the rustic category. These types "originated in Japan and are deeper, shorter and typically made of wood," explains Mina Lisanin of ML Interiors. "They focus on providing a calming and meditative bathing experience." She notes how wood is commonly used for these types of tubs. "Cedar, teak and redwood are popular choices for outdoor tubs due to their natural beauty and resistance to weather and insects."

Michele Rudolph, AIA of Riverside Design, adds, "I had seen cedar tubs often in Japan, and now I’m seeing more offerings here in North America. Cedar has a lovely scent, and can weather many years of being filled with water." Michele is also noticing that more clients want a hot tub instead of a pool.

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Photo: Stefan Bucur

Stone Tubs

"Marble and granite/stone tubs are trending right now and for a good reason," says Stefan Bucur, founder of Rhythm of the Home. "These materials look exquisite, and they are higher quality than the average outdoor tub material. They also complement most types of outdoor surrounding areas very well because they offer a natural feel."

For example, "What makes this particular outdoor tub special is that it is made of Marmo Rosa del Garda pink marble that offers a fantastic contrast with the entryway walls and the shiny walkway," says Stefan. "The irregular shape of the tub also creates a natural feel that blends in with the colorful botanical elements and takes advantage of the marble's solid yet soothing texture."

Adding on to that advice, "Your outdoor tub should seamlessly fit into its environment," says Artem. "Consider surrounding your tub with plants, stones or a wooden deck to make it a natural extension of your outdoor living space."

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