Kid-Friendly Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers are a great way to keep kids (and your home) clean in the summer months. Playful designs, bright colors and strategic placement make these showers perfect for kids and adults alike.
By: Karli Sanders

Creature Comforts

This playful lizard mosaic adds a delightful touch to a semi-private outdoor shower. Ingenuous hanging soap and shampoo containers stop any spillage in its tracks.

Four Square

After a swim in the pool, the whole family can rinse off with an outdoor shower equipped with four heads.

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

Kids love to break the rules. Be the cool mom by letting them shower outside. A bright yellow door is fun and gives little ones the right amount of privacy.

Backyard Necessity

Kids (and moms) will benefit from cleaning off at an outdoor shower placed strategically by a backyard playset. Photo courtesy of The Pool Shower. (

Shower Stop

RMS user ideamom transformed a spot on the porch of her Florida vacation home into a one-stop shop for her kids to drop off beach necessities and rinse off sand and salty water.

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