Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories

Finesse your fire pit by adding key accessories. Some are stylish; others are safety-minded. All enhance your burning experience.

Brick Fire Pit with Tiered Seating

Brick Fire Pit with Tiered Seating

Hard scape projects located in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, completed with materials manufactured by Amcor.

Focus on comfort and safety as you select add-ons for your fire pit. Basic outdoor fire pit accessories include practical items, such as a poker, tongs, fire pit covers, and screens. But accessories can also give a nod to relaxation, like fire pit benches and tables. Discover some of the options for fire pit accessories.

Enjoying a fire starts with cozy seating. You might favor classic Adirondack chairs, or maybe you keep it simple with basic lawn chairs. Consider fire pit benches as an easy way to provide ample seating for family, friends, and neighbors. Look for benches with curved edges to form a traditional fire circle. If you’re creating a permanent fire pit, think about incorporating built-in seating in your design. 

You might want to use the fire pit wall as seating. If so, a height of 15 to 20 inches works well (18 inches is ideal). Build the fire pit wall with a minimum width of eight inches for seating (12 to 18 inches is better). After seating, the next best thing for kicking back and relaxing is having a place to prop your feet. With a DIY or custom-built fire pit, you can draft the pit wall as a foot rest. Aim for a wall height of 12 to 14 inches for foot propping.

Sitting or propping your feet is safest when you keep a fire pit screen over open flames. This is especially key with wood-fueled fires, which can create sparks and flying embers that may ignite clothing or other flammable surfaces. Many portable fire pits come with screens. You can also find screens at fire pit specialists online or have one custom-built through a local metal worker.

A few tools, including a poker and tongs, are fire pit accessories you shouldn’t be without. Fire pit tongs are especially important for shifting and adjusting logs within the fire itself. A poker is also helpful for stirring embers, nudging logs, and breaking apart logs that are burned through. Other tools worth considering are safety gloves, which are really useful if you have a portable metal fire pit. Gloves also keep your hands cool when you need to remove the fire pit screen or toss logs into the fire.

A fire pit cover protects your investment from long-term effects of weather.  With in-ground fire pits, having a cover can help visitors avoid injury—and also prevent critters from tumbling into the pit. Look for prefabricated fire pit covers, or have one built. For an in-ground fire pit cover, consider using a weather-resistant wood, like cedar, to create an almost lid-like cover.

Fire pit tables are an accessory that offers an upscale touch to outdoor settings, blending function with beauty. Fire pit tables feature a gas fire pit surrounded by a table surface. You’ll find coffee table fire pits, portable table fire pits, and even full-size dining table fire pits. Choose the one that best suits your outdoor living goals and uses materials that complement your style. Some fire pit tables feature high-end woods; other incorporate granite, slate, or tile. 

Fire pit accessories don’t have to break the bank. Prioritize your must-have list with safety first, and stock your shed or garage with accessories to help ensure that today’s fireside gathering won’t end as an emergency. Next choose items that protect your investment, like a fire pit cover. Slowly purchase the accessories you need to make your fire pit a treasured family activity, and always take advantage of sales to stretch your landscaping dollars.

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