Modern Fire Pits

Update your outdoor living areas with a contemporary fire pit. Popular styles suit most backyard sizes and designs.
Patio Seating Around Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Gray Patio Seating Area With Modern Outdoor Fireplace

With ample seating and an outdoor gas fireplace, the back patio of the HGTV Dream Home 2010 is the perfect place to entertain.

Give your yard a makeover by adding a fire pit with modern styling. Contemporary fire pits create a stunning focal point in any backyard setting, and you can choose from easy-care materials that make burning fires the ultimate low-maintenance experience. Update your family’s outdoor living areas with a modern fire pit.

The most common modern fire pits are manufactured ones that feature portability and no-fuss construction. These fire pits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. Many styles of bowl-shaped pits abound, usually made from metals, such as unfinished stainless steel (lower price point), copper (higher price point), or powder coated stainless steel (highest price point).

These metal fire pit bowls typically include a mesh cover to help contain embers and sparks. You can build fires in these pits from wood, or they could be gas-fired, running on liquid propane or natural gas. Every option is available and in a variety of sizes. The metal in these fire pits does heat up as a fire burns, so it’s important to supervise children and pets when you choose this type of contemporary fire pit. 

Fire tables offer a twist on the typical bowl-type fire pit. The burning area may still feature a bowl shape, but it’s edged with a wide coping that serves as a table surface. The bowl may even be contained in a larger framework edges the fire pan with a substantial table. The table surface may be granite, marble, slate, or other materials. Many of these fire tables are coffee table-type heights, but you can find full-size patio tables with built-in fire pits.

Gas-fueled pits usher in a host of modern fire pit styling touches. The fire pit burners are often incorporated into stainless steel burner pans designed to hold contemporary fire pit materials. Lava rock is a familiar material that’s used in gas fire pits. The rocks absorb and radiate abundant heat and create a flame that floats and licks along the rocks, looking very much like a wood-fire flame. Silica sand is another modern material that forms a truly unusual fire pit.

Fire glass is a popular choice for filling fire pans. It’s tempered glass that’s been broken and treated to create various finishes. The glass may or may not have a hue and comes in a variety of sizes. The standard industry finish is tumbled, which has edges that are safe to handle. Other fire glass finishes are reflective, which is polished to reflect flames and sunlight, and smooth, which is a tempered glass bead. Smooth fire glass gives a fire pit a liquid look, as flames appear to flow throughout the burner pan.

You can also add heat-resistant ceramic balls, stones, or other geometric shapes to a gas fire pit. These objects transform a fire pit into a piece of modern art. The ceramic usually sports a stain, which means the hue can’t be chipped or burned off—it’s actually set into the ceramic.

For a truly up-scale and modern fire pit, consider pairing a gas-fueled flame, lava rock and/or fire glass, and steel logs that resemble the real thing. Heavy-duty steel logs can be manufactured or handcrafted. Unlike the ceramic logs that come with most interior gas fireplaces, these steel logs radiate and release heat, much like a wood-fueled fire. Most manufacturers recommend pairing these logs with a ring burner to create the look of a traditional wood-burning campfire.

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