Cool and Unique Fire Pits

Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood with a stylish, one-of-a-kind fire pit. Check out these unusual fire pit designs.

A unique fire pit design featured in HGTV's Dream home 2012.

Unique Fire Pit Design

A unique fire pit design featured in HGTV's Dream home 2012.

Photo by: Sourced HGTV

Sourced HGTV

Add a fire pit to your yard that makes you smile every time you see it—and makes your house everyone’s favorite destination. Designing a cool fire pit isn’t difficult with today’s modern materials and easy-to-light gas-fueled flames. If you’re handy, you can even custom build a unique fire pit that reflects your style and character.

One of the most cool fire pit designs landscapers are installing pairs fire and water in a fire pit-fountain combination. This type of fire pit is the perfect solution for small yards where there’s not enough room for both features. Using a gas-powered flame allows you to run plumbing and gas lines through a pillar, for instance, to create a flowing fountain emerging from beneath a fire pit bowl. 

Achieve a similar effect by building a raised fire pit in the middle of a water garden. As long as you can safely run the gas line to the fire, you can enjoy the juxtaposition of flames hovering over waterlilies and fish. At night, the water will reflect the fire, adding another dimension to this cool fire pit.

Or build a vertical, glass tile-covered wall that has stone shelves extending perpendicular to the wall surface. Plumb the wall so water trickles over the glass surfaces, and run gas lines to small cast-concrete fire bowls on the shelves. The flames will flicker and dance not only in the bowls, but also in a thousand tiny reflections on the wall surface. At night, this will be the centerpiece of your yard.

Another unique fire pit setting is a swimming pool. Try this idea: Build stone pillars along one edge or corners of the pool, plumbing them with gas and water lines. Add a fountain jet that arcs from pillars to pool. Atop the pillars, what else? A fire pit that makes nighttime swims irresistible—and gives every picnic you host a wow factor, all at the flick of a switch.

Gas-fueled fires provide a host of design options when you use a burner pan filled with fire glass. By choosing different colored fire glass, you can make your fire pit a mosaic work of art, painting a design with the glass. Choose a gas burner that places flames at the most artful points of your design, and you’ll have a truly unique fire pit. 

Or how about filling a plain, wide copper basin with fire balls or a mix of geometric shapes like triangles and squares? It’s a plain and simple fire pit, but will earn rave reviews when lit. Best of all, a cool fire pit like that looks good all day long, even when flames aren’t dancing.

Any fire-proof substance can be poured into a burner pan. White silica sand forms a striking fire base, as does black fire glass in a burner pan atop a sleek, polished stainless steel column. Light the fire, and the effect is breathtaking. Smooth fire glass beads also create a spectacular base for a fire. As the flames move through the glass, they appear to flow like liquid. The effect is mesmerizing to watch.

Cool fire pits can also include manufactured designs that feature unusual shapes and material blends. Look for fire pits shaped like orbs that come with a mesh bowl and cover. As you burn wood in this fire pit, you see every inch of the fire, and it’s truly riveting. This type of fire pit also generates enough heat to warm a typical patio.

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