Battle Summer Boredom With DIY Backyard Water Games

You won't hear "I'm bored!" all summer long with these water activities at the ready.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Fun in the Sun

Summer break is a great time for kids to get outdoors, make memories and have fun with friends. We've got some easy and affordable activities to keep your kids entertained all summer long.

Water Balloon Battle

They're inexpensive, easy to make and kids can play for hours with them. The water balloon is one of life's little miracles. OK, maybe that's overstating it a bit, but a good water balloon fight is a lot of fun for kids (and great exercise for adults, too!). Plus, you'll have some very tired children come nightfall. You're welcome.

Prep Beforehand

If you really want to make your party a splash, fill a garden tub halfway up with water, then load it with water balloons. They'll float, making them easier to grab.

Cute Signage Required

Take the fun to the next level with cute signage. A simple printout placed on colored paper looks downright professional.

Play Perimeter

Of course, all this water-logged fun comes with a downside: things will get wet. A LOT of things. So, it's important to set a play perimeter that the kids are crystal-clear on. Stake pool noodles or colorful pinwheels into the ground to designate where balloon play is A-OK and where it's out of bounds.

Soakers + Squirts

Just when you think your kids can't get any more water-logged, they pull out the soakers. Add some exercise to the games by creating obstacles around the yard. Think paintball park but with water.

Soaker Tub

Avoid any drama at the water hose by creating a squirt station. Fill up a garden tub or large planter with water. They can quickly dip in to reload and get back in the game without too much fuss.

Create a Ball Toss

This easy DIY project is inspired by a summer arcade classic: Skee-Ball (or ball toss). Line up five sand buckets to create the targets. Assign points to each bucket using colorful paper plates. You can either staple the plate to a paint stirrer and place it inside the bucket or stick the plate directly to the inside of the bucket using tacky or tape. Bonus: Skee-Ball is just as much fun to play solo as it is with friends.

Fun for All Ages

Kids of all ages can get on board with bubble fun. This means you may have found an outdoor activity that siblings can enjoy together harmoniously. That alone may be the most amazing thing that happens all summer long.

Bubble Station

Create a station so everyone can have access to their own bubble bottles throughout the day and refill on their own when needed.

Free Refills

Put that drink dispenser to good use with some sudsy water. No more running around refilling the kids' bottles every five minutes. With an easy-to-use nozzle, kids can help themselves to more bubble juice when they're running low.

Handy Towels

Whether it's bubbles, balloons or soakers, the more fun had, the more drenched the kiddos. Avoid a mess by keeping a stash of beach towels outside and within easy reach. Kids can quickly dry off before they enter the house (and you avoid an indoor Slip 'N Slide).

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