11 Must-Have Items for a Family-Friendly Backyard

Encourage the whole gang — parents, kids and pets — to spend more time outside with these family-friendly backyard tips.

Family Fun Zone

This family-friendly backyard is outfitted with items the whole family can enjoy: games, a picnic area, a pet spot and a kid-friendly tent.

Kid-Friendly Fort

Give the little ones a private place to read, play or relax. Add a tent to your backyard and cozy it up with blankets and throws. 

Pint-Sized Table

Add a kid-sized table and chairs to your outdoor space, and encourage the kids to take their homework or artwork outdoors. 

Outdoor Games

A few fun lawn games are sure to get the whole family off the couch and in the fresh air. Make a point to schedule outdoor game nights when the weather is nice.

Storage + Seating

Make your kid-friendly yard easy to tidy up with a designated storage spot for toys and games. As a bonus, this storage chest doubles as a bench when closed.

Family Garden

A small herb garden is a great outdoor project for the family to work on together. Get the kids involved in watering and harvesting the herbs, then try a new recipe together.

Pet Central

If you have pets, create a special spot just for them in your backyard. Pick a place where there’s plenty of shade so they can stay cool when they’re not joining in the fun.

Outdoor-Friendly Bed

An elevated hammock or cot is a great choice for the backyard. Since it’s off the ground, it’ll keep your pup cool, and it’ll dry out fast after a heavy rain.

Automatic Water Bowl

If your furry friend likes to hang out in the backyard, providing him with plenty of cool, clean water is a must. A self-dispensing water bowl will keep him hydrated no matter the temperature.

Toy Storage

Use a small pail to collect all of your pets’ toys and keep them in one place.

Grooming Station

Grooming your dog outside keeps all that unwanted fur out of the house. Find some fun hooks and stash brushes, combs and other pet essentials in one convenient spot.

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