How to Plan for Building a Patio

Get great ideas for your new outdoor space with these helpful tips on how to plan for building a patio.

A person in a bobcat getting the ground ready planning for building a backyard patio on the back of the house.

Plan for Building Patio

A person in a bobcat getting the ground ready planning for building a backyard patio on the back of the house.

Photo by: Photo Credit: Tim Wilson

Photo Credit: Tim Wilson

By: Sean McEvoy

You've explored several deck and patio design ideas, and you're ready to create the outdoor living space of your dreams and increase your home's value by adding a beautiful patio. But before you let the shovels hit the dirt, check out these great tips for how to plan for building a patio.

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The first question to ask yourself (not aloud, if you can help it) is: "What's this patio for?" Is it primarily a space for entertaining large groups? Will it mostly host just immediate family members and smaller gatherings? Decide up front whether you're building a space for a "get raucous get together," quiet family time or something in between.

Secondly, you need to decide where your patio should be located. Adjacent to the house or a deck is the most common choice here, since these options provide easy access to a kitchen. But if you have the space, consider a second, more far-flung spot. You might end up with more natural surroundings and a great getaway space.

Don't skimp on space. Remember when you're designing the patio that it's going to be populated with furniture, installations like fire pits or grills, and people. Matching the patio size to the overall scale of the house or an inside room is usually a good rule of thumb.

In terms of shape, curvy designs are trendy right now, but you should choose based on what works best with your home's design and appearance. Similarly, you'll want to choose building materials that complement the style and hue of your home.

Keeping these simple tips in mind as you plan to build your patio should help make the experience much simpler and have you and your friends and family enjoying the great outdoors in style in no time.

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