67 Inviting Home Exterior Color Palettes

From classic to bold, showcase your style with inspiration from these exterior paint color schemes that offer serious curb appeal.

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By: Jacquelyn McGilvray, Gabriela Hardan, and Caren Baginski

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Ivory + White + Aqua

Symmetrical homes evoke a sense of formality, elegance and heritage. Honor tradition with a lighter-colored palette rimmed by darker accents. This home softens into its surroundings, while a bright blue door spotlights the front door's architecture.

Black + White + Ruby Red

The arched ruby-red door is the perfect contrast to the traditional dark-brown timber and white stucco Tudor-style palette.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Navajo White + Sherwin-Williams Black Bean + Behr Ruby Ring

Gray + White + Dove

This adorable house was built in 2011, it’s in a historic neighborhood, so the homeowners wanted it to have a classic look. Cottage-y touches, like the window boxes, a brick path and cutouts on the shutters help give the home that classic Cape Cod vibe.

Paint colors: Glidden Pebble White (shutters and front door) + Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray (trim) + Benjamin Moore White Dove

Deep Sea + White + Red

Built in 1911, this historic house gives a new twist on the classic pairing of red, white and blue. The deep teal siding mixed with the dark red staircase is striking and eye-catching without being too bold and overpowering.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Deep Sea Dive + Sherwin-Williams Pure White + Sherwin-Williams Red Theatre

Black + White + Mediterranean Blue

Inspired by the architecture in Greece or coastal Spain, the homeowner painted the stucco exterior pure white accented in black with a bold pop of an Aegean-like blue.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa + Sherwin-Williams Caviar + Do-It-Best Quality Paints French Valley Blue

White + Clay + Mossy Green

Built in 1913, this Massachusetts home mixes colonial with Mediterranean styles. The forest-green stucco and moss-colored shutters blend in perfectly with the landscape. The front door was painted in a terracotta color to match the roof tiles.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Georgian Green + Benjamin Moore White Opulence + Benjamin Moore Wethersfield Moss (shutters and porch floor) + Benjamin Moore Sedona Clay

Yellow + White + Black

White paint emphasizes the architectural features of this adorable brick cottage while the black trim on the porch windows adds depth and style.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Concord Buff + Sherwin-Williams Dover White + Sherwin-Williams Black Swan

Mocha Chocolate + Ocean Blue + Pale Blue

Spruce up a modern home by painting the front door and the deck similar colors in the same color family. Here, the turquoise blue door and the gray-blue deck complement the dark brown trim on the house.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Misty Gray + Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night + Benjamin Moore Blue Lake

White + Gray + Dark Blue

Built in 1940, this home's gorgeous stonework is accented with white and gray trim, but it's the deep-blue shutters and door that amplify its unique personality.

Paint colors: Valspar Sequoia Glade (front door and shutters) + Valspar Pam’s Lace (trim) + Valspar Ivory Brown (siding)


White + Green

This stately home needed just one accent color and a few simple touches to maximize its charming curb appeal.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Pure White + Sherwin-Williams Privilege Green

Carbon + Pure White

Classic black and white is really the only choice for this grand colonial home built in 1919.

Paint colors: Behr Ultra Pure White + Behr Carbon


Green + Celestial Blue + Cotton White

Make a nod to your home's environment with a color palette that matches its surroundings but still packs curb appeal. This traditional home's soft pine green base pops with an accent of sky blue and an understated creamy white door.

Paint colors: Behr Nature's Gift + Behr Restless Sea + Behr Twinkling Lights


Pale Pink + White + Azure

A blue and white striped awning gives a hint of nautical flair to this charming 1927 Florida home.

Paint colors: Behr Soft Pink + Behr Ultra Pure White + Behr Deep Azure

Off-White + Aqua

This Texas home was built 2013. “Since we built our home in one of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods, we didn’t want it to look brand-new. We love that most people think it’s always been here,” explained the homeowners.

Paint colors: Pittsburgh Paint Gypsum + Pittsburgh Paint Kingston Aqua

Submarine Gray + Dusty Gold + White

Built in 1912, this St. Louis Tudor-style home accents the difference between the stucco and cedar surfaces on its grand facade.

Paint colors: Behr Submarine Gray + Behr Off White (house) + Behr Navajo White (trim) + Behr Dusty Gold (trim)

Olive Green + Oak + White

If you have a Craftsman-style home with intricate architectural details, stick to muted tones to allow your home's design to shine.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Renwich Olive + Sherwin-Williams Cut the Mustard + Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White

Pewter + White + Red

The red door provides a touch of sophisticated sass to this traditional-style home.

Paint colors: Behr Pewter Mug + Behr Swan Wing + Behr Beluga + Behr Awning Red

Canary Yellow + Soft Gray

You typically see modern style homes dressed in neutral tones, but the saturated yellow exterior of this home makes a statement. To subdue the tone, a soft gray covers most of the front exterior, while the yellow is present in smaller doses.

Paint colors: Valspar Golden Yellow + Valspar Voyage


Taupe + Beige + Brown + Rustic Red

This eye-catching traditional exterior is rooted in its landscape with an earthy palette. Choose muted hues for a warm, sun-baked look.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Tavern Taupe + Sherwin-Williams Pavillion Beige + Sherwin-Williams Homestead Brown + Sherwin-Williams Rustic Red

Sunny Yellow + White

The expansive porch on this cheerful 1902 home is the homeowners' favorite spot in the house. They painted the underside of the porch ceiling a gray-blue color.

Paint colors: Behr Sweet Chamomile + Behr Fountain Spout (porch ceiling) + Behr Ultra Pure White

White + Red + Black

This 1946 home in Alexandria Virginia feels quintessentially East Coast with its stone details, painted brick and red front door.

Paint colors: Dunn-Edwards White Fever + Dunn-Edwards Hot Jazz + Dunn-Edwards Black

Black + White + Gold-Green

The classic black-and-white color combo on this farmhouse-style home is given a boost of personality with the vibrant gold-green front door.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Pure White + Sherwin-Williams Black of Night (shutters) + Sherwin-Williams Independent Gold

Red + White + Green

Deep red complements the cedar shakes on the portico while the emerald green columns provide a welcoming entryway to the porch.

Paint Colors: Behr Awning Red + Behr Ultra Pure White + Behr Scotland Isle

Oyster White + Pale Blue

You'd be surprised to know this Charlotte, North Carolina home was built in 2012. “This house has so much character that you almost can’t tell it’s new construction,” the homeowners brag. “It makes our day when people walking by compliment the porch and front door.”

Paint colors: Sherwin-William Oyster White + Sherwin-William Drizzle


Speedy Red + Cream + Coffee

Neural siding and "Swiss coffee" trim serve as the perfect backdrop to the vibrant red door on this 1919 home located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Paint colors: Behr Tanglewood + Behr 100 MPH + Behr Swiss Coffee

Cheerful Yellow + Cinnamon + Pure White

A modern beach house warms in the sun with a custard-yellow glow, grounded by a cinnamon stick front door. Pure white accents on the windows contribute to the crisp and clean vibe.

Paint colors: Behr Roasted Corn + Behr Artisan + Behr Ultra Pure White

Prairie Brown + Gray + Yellow-Gold

This modern dwelling maintains a warm, yet minimalist vibe with a neutral palette of brown, gray and gold. The lightest brown covers the majority of the home, allowing darker accent colors to highlight the home's architectural details.

Paint colors: Valspar Bay Sands + Valspar Chocolate Cherry + Valspar Winter Delta


White + Gray + Pink

Built in 1929, this white stucco Tudor-style home with fairytale charm is given an extra shot of personality thanks to the pale pink door and shutters.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Standish White + Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray + Benjamin Moore Crimson

Simply White

If your home's architecture has an unconventional look — like this Fixer Upper country-style home — paint the exterior crisp, clean white. Keep it simple by highlighting with a few natural accents.

Paint color: Sherwin-Williams Extra White


Currant Red + Tortilla Brown

This Spanish-style stucco home mixes dark red with light brown to elegantly blend in with its surroundings.

Paint colors: Sherwin Williams Dromedary Camel + Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay


Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White

This transitional home takes a cue from its woodland setting with a cool color palette. Syncing up with nature's tones is a sure way to evoke sensations of a calm and serene abode.

Paint colors: Behr Environmental + Behr Marsh Marigold + Behr Ultra Pure White

Olive Gray + Creamy White

A green-gray palette establishes an earthy color palette while the creamy white trim highlights the home’s dimensions with contrast.

Paint colors: Behr Safari Vest + Behr Palais White

Pure Red + Black + White

The inviting porch and lipstick-red front door make you want to sit and stay a while at this 1920s bungalow.

Paint colors: Dunn-Edwards White + Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green + Behr Pure Red

Pale Yellow + Forest Green + White

The sharp-pitched roof on this 1937 home gives it a quaint English cottage vibe, so the landscaping and color scheme was kept informal. The dark green was inspired by the Green Bay Packers, the homeowners' favorite football team.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Golden Lab + Benjamin Moore Lafayette Green + Benjamin Moore Atrium White

Gray + Pale Aqua

Invite your guests into a tropical haven with a cool gray roof paired with pale aqua siding. This palette blends perfectly with the surrounding beachy landscape.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray + Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue

Porcelain White + Spicy Red

There’s nothing like a traditional white, country home with a large porch. A spicy red front door and pale-blue shutters provide a fun dose of personality with a modern twist.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore White Diamond + Benjamin Moore Caliente + Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze

Clay + Bitter-Chocolate

Gain inspiration for your color palette from your home's materials. This Southwest-style home uses tones of natural clay and dark brown, as seen in the natural stone and woodwork.

Paint colors: Behr Bonsai Pot + Behr Sweet Molasses

Blissful Bay Leaf

Subtle earthy colors are used to blend with the home's stone columns and the wooded environment.

Paint colors: Behr Simply Sage + Behr Elephant Skin

Red + White + Blue

The lower-level roof shakes were painted to match the shutters and add to the symmetry to this beautiful 1926 Dallas home.

Paint colors: Pratt & Lambert Gosling + Pratt & Lambert Pro White

Pale Blue + Natural Wood

Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines gave this home's outdated brick exterior an update with blue-green paint. The dark wood trim provides an eye-catching contrast.

Paint color: Sherwin-Williams Something Blue

Peach + Reddish Brown + Cream

Many Victorian homes showcase an explosion of colors in their exterior paint schemes. Not your style? Keep it soothing and simple like this warm-peach siding laced with red-tinted brown and cream trim.

Paint colors: Behr Pale Coral + Behr Royal Liqueur + Behr Sleek White

Sage Green + Creamy White + Blush Red

To get this neat, clean look on your home, apply colors with high contrast on the trim, like this sage green paired with a creamy white and a blush-red door.

Paint colors: Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue + Sherwin Williams High Reflective White + Sherwin Williams Flower Pot

Gray + Onyx + White

Built in 1910, this traditional St. Louis home was given a few modern touches like the large red house number, pergola-covered porch and asymmetrical entry door.

Paint colors: Glidden Driftwood Grey + Glidden Deep Onyx + Glidden White-on-White

Colonial-Blue + Gray + Cream + Butterscotch

This historic home was built in 1869. “This blue beauty has seen a lot! We love its historic Colonial style and the copper portico roof with its blue-green patina,” say homeowners.

Paint colors: Valspar Sharkfin + Valspar Quarry Pond (shutters) + Valspar Wave’s Crest (trim) + Valspar Coffee Whip (door)

Greige + Stone + Black + Pale Blue

This 1920 classic Tudor-style home is given a fun update with the addition of turquoise shutters.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Mega Greige (siding) + Sherwin-Williams Warm Stone (trim) + Sherwin-Williams Take Five (shutters) + Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black (front door)


White + Gray + Beige

This 1935 home keeps its style crisp and classic with a white exterior and gray accents.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Spanish White (siding and trim) + Benjamin Moore Rodeo (shutters) + Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs (front door)

Milk Chocolate + Pebble Gray

Shades of neutral browns and creamy gray mix together for a warm country look. For this look, opt for a dark roof and light accents.

Paint colors: Behr Artisan Crafts + Behr Chocolate Therapy


Gray + White + Moss Green

This Craftsman bungalow beckons visitors inside with a warm, neutral palette in gray and white. The porch pops with a painted green floor and staircase.

Paint colors: Collonade Gray, Panda White, Roycroft Brass and Roycroft Copper Red by Sherwin-Williams


Soft Gray + Black + White

This stately 1912 Georgian home is done in a classic palette of pale ash, black and white.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Escape Gray + Sherwin-Williams Caviar


White + Dark Chocolate

High-contrast landscapes call for high-contrast color palettes. This desert ranch stays cool with a white exterior and an accent of chocolate brown trim. The beauty of this color combo? Any accent color can be chosen for outdoor furniture and decorations.

Paint colors: Behr Cottage White + Behr Divine Wine

Yellow + White + Red Delicious

This contemporary farmhouse gives off a cheery vibe with its buttery yellow siding and ruby-red door. To give the home a cohesive look, the shutters and window boxes are painted black to match the roof.

Paint colors: Glidden Cottage Yellow + Glidden Antique White + Glidden Red Delicious


Slate Gray + White + Navy

The muted blue-gray color palette on this shingle-style home oozes sophistication and elegance. The traditional front door is painted deep navy and accented with white trim.

Paint colors: Behr Intergalactic + Behr Polar Bear + Behr Deep Breath


Pastel Green + White

A contemporary ranch sits pretty in a bed of green. Simple white trim draws attention to architectural details, including the home's distinctive sun-baked brown roof.

Paint colors: Behr Riverdale + Behr Ultra Pure White


Blue + Deep Red + White

Built in 1923, this center-hall colonial home was originally gray and black when the homeowners bought the house. They changed the color scheme to regal shades of blue accented with white trim and a welcoming red front door.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Meditative (stain) + Sherwin-Williams Rookwood Red + Sherwin-Williams Refuge + Sherwin-Williams Nonchalant White


Cloud Gray + Sky Blue

This sky-blue door paired with a cloud gray roof is a great way to add some color to a traditional white colonial home.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Distant Gray + Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze + Benjamin Moore Cool Blue


River Blue + Light Mocha

Inspired by the surrounding Utah mountains and river water, HGTV Dream Home's color palette adds a modern touch to its rustic design style.

Paint colors: Valspar Blue Eyes + Valspar Antique White


Stone Blue + Peacock Blue + Pebble Gray

Pairing gray-blue siding with creamy-beige trim adds warmth and charisma to this gorgeous home. The dark gray roof helps accentuate the blue while the stonework balances out the whole palette.

Paint colors: Behr Hunters Hollow + Behr Bell Tower + Behr Black Evergreen


White + Greige + Green

Built in 1941, soft green is used on the corbels, columns and trim to accent this home's unique architectural features. Using two shades of beige provides depth and more personality.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Dover White (top) + Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige (bottom) + Sherwin-Williams Lounge Green


Dark + Light Gray

Dark gray wood trim panels above the windows accent the Tudor-style home, while a light gray exterior cools down the lush landscape backdrop.

Paint color: Valspar Du Jour + Valspar Beguile


Sunny Yellow + Turquoise

If your home's traditional exterior doesn't suit your style, spruce it up with cheerful, contrasting hues.

Paint colors: Behr Solar Energy + Behr Tibetan Turquoise


Raisin Purple + Useful Gray

This earthy color palette is warm and inviting, but it's the raisin-purple front door that really makes it happen.

Paint colors: Sherwin Williams Fawn Brindle + Sherwin Williams Useful Gray + Sherwin Williams Gray Area + Sherwin Williams Raisin


Gray + White + Navy + Pale Gold

Built in 1885, this beautiful Queen Anne home in Michigan is done-up like a painted lady in classic shades of blue and gray with a touch of yellow.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy + Benjamin Moore Oxford White + Benjamin Moore Aura + Comet by Benjamin Moore


Royal Blue + Daisy White

This royal blue exterior paired with a crisp-white trim makes an elegant statement. The bright white accentuates the Craftsman architecture in the front entrance.

Paint colors: Sherwin Williams Dress Blues + Sherwin Williams In the Navy + Sherwin Williams Notable Hue + Sherwin Williams High Reflective White

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Silver Gray + Pearl White

For a house with distinct architecture, subtle, clean colors are the way to go to complement its accents. Using cloud gray paired with pearly white lets the attention go to the unique roofline and classic carriage doors.

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore New Hope Gray + Benjamin Moore Silver Gray + Benjamin Moore American White


Misty Dew + Coffee Brown

Utilize an earthy color palette by pairing a gray-sky blue with a creamy white for a grand effect. Add a neutral roof to blend the colors in together.

Paint colors: Valspar Misty Morning Dew + Valspar Swiss Coffee + Valspar Roasted Coffee


Agate Green + Black + White

This classic 1922 Calfornia home is done in a stately grayish-green and accented in basic black and creamy white.

Paint colors: Dunn-Edwards Agate Green (siding) + Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee + Dunn-Edwards Black


Cream + Mist

This traditional-style home welcomes its guests with a bleached yellow siding paired with a creamy white trim.

Paint Colors: Valspar Homey Cream + Valspar Cream Delight + Valspar Bay Mist