10 Outdoor Kitchens That Sizzle

From classic outdoor grills to fantasy island units jam-packed with amenities, these outdoor kitchens are functional and fabulous.

Photo By: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Photo By: Mark Allen

A Considerate Outdoor Kitchen

Consider a ventilation hood for your outdoor kitchen if your setup is close to the house. It will save you from smoke and cooking odors that creep up during grilling and find a way into your home. Photo courtesy of Danver Stainless Steel

Staying Tuned In

Outdoor kitchens are becoming much more fully functional. From refrigerators to side burners, flat-screen televisions to surround sound, this outdoor space is where all of the action happens. Photo courtesy of Cal Flame

Designed for a View

Take advantage of your surroundings when planning your outdoor kitchen. From the kitchen island to the grill station, everyone has a relaxing view of the lake. Photo courtesy of Napoleon

The Ultimate Grill Station

A great grill is all you need in your outdoor kitchen. This grill station features high-quality materials and an abundance of counter space. Photo courtesy of Cal Flame

Smart Storage Solutions

The two biggest mistakes in outdoor kitchens are not enough counter space and not enough storage. This kitchen, designed by Kalamazoo, includes enough space for a family to prep food, cook and serve.

A Kitchen for Entertaining

This design is ideal for cooking and entertaining. While guests sit at the bar and enjoy a crisp glass of wine, relaxing conversation and food preparation can occur simultaneously. Photo courtesy of Danver Stainless Steel

All the Amenities

A U-shape design is ideal for a larger freestanding kitchen with a grill, refrigerator, dishwasher, sink and bar area. Roofing the space protects high-end amenities from unexpected elements of weather, and it enables the kitchen to be enjoyed at all times. Photo courtesy of Green Scene

A Poolside Escape

Having a poolside kitchen is a great option for entertaining. Consider stocking the space with a refrigerator, sink and plenty of storage so you won't have to run back inside. Photo courtesy of Mark Scott

A Stainless Steel Station

Stainless steel is a quality material for outdoor kitchens because it is low-maintenance and durable. This outdoor grill station is designed by KitchenAid and features high-end amenities that are built to tackle any family mealtime.

Two Grills are Better Than One

If you have a large family, entertain a lot or just want the ultimate grill station, consider installing multiple grills to make an impact. Consider a high-powered ventilation system if you're enclosing your outdoor kitchen. Photo courtesy of Mark Allen

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