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Vacation Landscapes

Get out of town — without ever leaving your yard. We'll help you find an inspired getaway as close as your back door.
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Photo: HGTV fan lross7577

Vacation at Home

This backyard renovation included the installation of a 100-foot stream down one side of the property and landscaping meant to give the feel of a woodland escape. Says HGTV fan lross7577, "We don't have to travel far from our suburban home outside the city of Minneapolis to get a wonderful cabin retreat experience. We just walk out our back door."

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Asian Garden

Landscape architect Keith Anderson created an award-winning landscape that includes three distinct themes, including this picturesque Asian garden.

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Eight-Sided Pavilion

This beautiful pavilion, designed by Keith Anderson, is the focal point of the European-garden section of a Colorado landscape. In the planting beds on either side, 'Winter Gem' boxwoods serve as the "bones" of the plantings while cockspur hawthorn trees provide colorful winter berries.

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Southwestern Garden

In the same landscape, landscape architect Keith Anderson also created this Southwest garden, complete with "musicians." Along with the Asian- and European-style gardens, the entire landscape fits into an acre lot. Social events held in the three spaces have seen up to 270 people at one time in the garden.

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