13 Solar Lights for Gardens and Walkways

Add ambience with these energy-efficient lighting choices for outdoor spaces in all styles.

Photo By: Allsop Home & Garden

Photo By: Starlite Garden & Patio Torche Co.

Photo By: Overstock

Photo By: Overstock.com

Photo By: Allsop Home & Garden

Photo By: Wayfair

Photo By: Wayfair

Photo By: Wayfair

Photo By: Allsop Home & Garden

Photo By: RH

Photo By: Allsop Home & Garden

Photo By: Starlite Garden & Patio Torche Co.

Photo By: Scheurich

Light Bright

Glass solar string lights can be stunning in the canopy of trees, above an arbor, or hanging from a porch or deck. The Aurora Glow light set, by Allsop Home & Garden, is made of hand-blown glass that is illuminated at dusk.

Tower of Light

If you don't want to use torches in your yard, but seek lighting with height, consider a solar-powered pole lantern. This one, by Starlite Garden and Patio Torche Co., is made of die-cast aluminum in a weathered brown color and six glass panels. The pole lantern stands up to 60 inches tall, with no wiring.

French Quarter Style

Go big with a three-lantern post lamp inspired by New Orleans street lights. The Royal Solar Lamp Post, made by Gama Sonic and sold by retailers such as Overstock, stands 89 inches tall with a weathered bronze finish.

Glow Post

Mount solar lanterns on posts to add ambience and style to your outdoors. The Pagoda solar LED light fixture is made of rust-resistant cast aluminum and beveled glass. The lantern, made by Gama Sonic, is sold through retailers such as Overstock.com.

Pleasing Pattern

An diamond pattern is punched into these Far East-inspired lanterns in metallic hues such as ink, copper and bronze. The Soji Stella Market Lantern is by Allsop Home & Garden.

Contemporary Lights

Stainless steel solar lights can add a sleek effect to your outdoor entertaining area. Install them along a pathway or in a yard, and they will charge during the day and light up in the evening. The Solar Bollard Light, by Paradise Garden Lighting and sold by retailers such as Wayfair, comes in a set of four.

Light Your Way

This contemporary, geometric design may draw guests' attention to these solar path lights. The four-piece plastic light set is sold through Wayfair.

Far Out East

Solar path light options include ceramic lanterns in Far East-inspired looks. The Zingz & Thingz Garden Pagoda Solar Lantern, sold through Wayfair, can add shine to a walkway or highlight a flower bed. 

Colorful Option

A lovely luminaria option for the outdoors is the Soji Stella Cylinder Lantern, in red, bronze, midnight blue and silver. The lanterns, from Allsop Home & Garden, can hang from trees, decks and porches or be placed on the ground or to decorate a tabletop.

Petal to the Metal

Solar lights can be staked along walkways and in gardens to brighten paths and add a design element. The six-piece RH Savoy Solar Light set, made of cast aluminum with beveled glass panels, comes in weathered zinc and bronze finishes.

Strings Attached

Festive string lights can set a glow to nighttime parties and brighten up outdoor spaces during the day. The Soji Mod Tulip solar string light set has 10 bell-shaped nylon lanterns, stretching 33 feet in total length.

The Real Thing

Solar lighting comes in all forms, including scones for the outdoors. The Starlite solar lantern, sold through retailers such as Hayneedle, is made of powder-coated, die-cast aluminum. The LED light resembles candlelight as it flickers through the glass.

Bright Birds

Ooh and ahh over these cute bird lights for gardens, balconies and patios. The Bördy Starlight, by Scheurich, is made of green plastic and the LEDs turn on when the sun sets, although you will have to provide the chirping. The tiny birdhouse holds the solar panel and a rechargeable battery.

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