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Poolside Paradise

By: Monica Blair

What makes a splash? Check out these nine great design ideas for giving high style to the backyard pool.

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Photo: HGTV fan, RandyAngell

Redefining Zen

This poolside defines the essence of tranquility. The illusion of concrete slabs floating effortlessly in the still pool mimics characteristics of a Japanese garden. At the rear of the pool, a 14-foot arc of fire highlights a curved stucco wall painted a rich green.

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Photo: Jamie Durie

It's All About the Ambiance

Designed by Jamie Durie, this tranquil space is highlighted by the interplay of light towers and water features, creating the perfect ambiance for entertaining or a serene retreat for solo relaxing. Light emitted from the towers is diffused by horizontal striations on the sides and a cascading waterfall down the front.

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Photo: HGTV fan icoffey

Inside Out

A glass-wall system seamlessly merges interior and exterior spaces, allowing the homeowners to enjoy both environments simultaneously.

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Photo: HGTV fan Nosarachica

The Ultimate Getaway

Built-in stools surround a swim-up bar. Notice the hammock — the ultimate poolside accessory. The use of natural stone adds texture, contrast and a beautiful look to this pool.

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