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Landscapes Transformed

This landscaping design worked with the challenges of the site – and turned them into assets.
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Outdoor Retreat

The homeowners want an outdoor retreat where they can enjoy the 10 acres of woods surrounding their home. What matters most to them is that the renovation create no damage to the natural setting.

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Integrated With Nature

A small water feature and patio form a destination spot in this woodland backyard. Shade-loving plants accent the hardscaping and drift gradually into the woods, so that nature and the new patio space appear completely integrated.

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Add Water Features

A beautiful backyard patio is accented by a "spool," a blend of spa and pool, plus a waterfall. The new space gives the homeowners room to relax and entertain outside while still enjoying the beauty of their beloved woods. Impact on the terrain was minimal; the homeowners directed the heavy equipment on a safe (though circuitous) route through the woods so that trees weren't damaged. Get another perspective of this patio.

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Minimal Space

This home is located on the edge of a sharp, rocky ravine. There is little space for children to play safely or adults to relax and entertain friends.

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