Landscape Makeovers, a Block at a Time

For every major makeover on Curb Appeal: The Block, two nearby homes get mini makeovers. Together, these projects put a new face on the whole neighborhood.

Before: A few of the many problems of this property: a weedy and unusable front yard, mismatched gray paint and cockroaches in the retaining wall.

After: New terraces increase the usability of the yard and create more space at the top. The closed front gable on the house was replaced with an open starburst.

Before: The house across the street is perfectly ok — in a bland sort of way.

After: For this neighbor, landscaping starts with window boxes and fresh paint for the front door. The driveway is painted gray to match the porch floor and steps.

Before: Next door, the blandness of this yard suggests that it has received little attention.

After: Red mulch and hardy mums give an instant burst of color. Painting the risers and walls to match the front porch steps ties the two stairways together. Hanging baskets and ornamental urns add finishing touches.

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