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HGTV Stars Share the Coolest Black Houses

What's the deal with black houses? The HGTV stars are shedding light on a color trend that's sweeping the nation.

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Why is black paint so hot?

“Because it looks really good. Black is timeless, yet it also makes a striking statement. Lately there’s been a bit of a domino effect. People spot one or two houses painted black in their area, and they think, ‘That’s cool. I’m doing it too.’ ”

—Luke Caldwell, Boise Boys

Paint color: Caviar, Sherwin-Williams

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Photo: Beth Hall. From: HGTV Magazine.

Does it work on any house?

“I tend to paint newer houses black because the modern aesthetic is a great fit, but it can completely update an old home, too, especially ranches. For a historical Victorian, I’d suggest doing a fun color on the door, like teal or yellow, to lighten the mood.”

—Jenny Marrs, Fixer to Fabulous

Paint color: Off-Black, Farrow & Ball

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Wouldn't dark paint make your place hotter inside?

“Even though darker houses absorb more sunlight than lighter-colored kinds, the effect on the interior temp varies greatly depending on how much shade and sun a house gets. Though it may cost more to cool a black house in summer, it can lower heating bills in winter. I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker.”

—Leanne Ford, Home Again with the Fords

Paint color: Starless Sky, PPG Paints

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Do you always have to use black paint?

“Not at all! Houses that appear black are sometimes navy, slate or deep brown. I did this one in a dark gray with brown undertones. Hard to tell, right? Your roof may go better with one of those colors.”

—Jasmine Roth, Help! I Wrecked My House

Paint color: Urbane Bronze, Sherwin-Williams

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