DIY Paver Edging That Makes Mowing a Breeze

Give your yard a professionally landscaped look (and make it much easier to mow) in just a few hours with clean, well-defined edging.

September 26, 2019

DIY Paver Edging You Can Mow 01:16

Supplies Needed

  • marking paint
  • edging shovel
  • bag of paver base
  • square pavers, 7" x 7" each
  • level
  • rubber mallet
  • bag of polymeric sand
  • garden trowel
  • 6” masonry brush
  • water hose

Prep Area

Begin by determining how the garden border will be shaped by walking your lawnmower around the outer edge of the grass (Image 1). Use marking paint to clearly define the edge (Image 2).

Dig Out the Trench

Use an edging shovel to dig out the trench along the borderline (Image 1). Lay the pavers out to help you determine the width of the trench (Image 2). Pro Tip: Use a straight-edged shovel to keep the lines clean as you dig. Our trench is approximately four inches deep.

Lay the Pavers

Fill the trench with a two to three-inch layer of paver base (Image 1). Compact down with a four-inch tamper (Image 2). Then, lay the stone pavers over the paver base, tight against the grass. Using the same pavers, make a vertical row in the back, creating a low wall (Image 3). This will keep the mulched beds at bay, while still allowing the edge to be below the grass line. Use a level and rubber mallet as you go to ensure that the edge is even (Image 4).

Seal It Up

Using a garden trowel, pour polymeric sand into the spaces between the edging (Image 1). Use a rubber mallet to settle the sand (Image 2), then brush away the excess. Spray with a water hose to set the sand. It will become hard, securing the pavers and keeping weeds from growing in the cracks (Images 3 & 4).

Mow With Ease

This type of edging allows you to mow right up to the garden bed, no weedeater required.

Landscape Edging

Easy DIY Landscape Edging

Hardscapes 100 Easy To Mow Edge

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

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