19 Inspiring Path and Walkway Designs

Walk this way to find inspiration for your own distinctive designs for the yard and garden.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Mike Heacox/Luciole Design Landscape Architects

Photo By: Image courtesy of Exteriorscapes LLC, Seattle, WA

Photo By: Image courtesy of Drew Sivgals, AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.

Photo By: Image courtesy of MIke Heacox/Luciole Design Landscape Architects

Photo By: Image courtesy of markdesign, LLC, photo copyright Karen Novotny 2012

Photo By: Image courtesy of Eric King Landscaping

Photo By: Image courtesy of Modern Backyard

Photo By: Image courtesy of Horizon Landscape Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ancient Surfaces

Photo By: Image courtesy of SolScapes

Photo By: Image courtesy of Greg Mix and Associates Architects Inc., gregmix.com

Photo By: Image courtesy of Think Architecture

Photo By: Image courtesy of Cathy Schwabe Architecture, copyright David Wakely Photography, www.davidwakely.com

Photo By: Image courtesy of Landscape Studio Group

Photo By: Image courtesy of Horizon Landscape Company

Photo By: Image courtesy of Dear Garden Associates Inc.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Anna Boeschenstein, Grounded Landscape Architects, Photo by Robert Radifera, Architect: Formwork

Photo By: Image courtesy of Dear Garden Associates Inc.

Cobbles and Pavers

How do you make a drainage easement look beautiful? Luciole Design Inc. found a way to do it by using simple broom finished concrete pavers and installed them over an area that had to be both walkable and fast draining.

Bluestone and Thyme

A walkway created from bluestone steps across a ground cover sea of bright green thyme looks like it was created by nature. An additional color accent comes from the red sedum along the stone wall in this organic design by Exteriorscapes

Limestone Tile and Irish Moss

If you have a semi-shady area with good drainage in your yard, you might consider this type of walkway (designed by AMS Landscape Design Studios) as an attractive architectural addition. The paving material is Limestone Tile Beaumaniere Light and the green ground cover is Irish moss, which grows well in fairly cool weather.

Crushed Rock and Redwood

Two different style walkways make a striking contrast in this landscape design by Luciole Design. The ground path is crushed rock over a layer of weed barrier fabric. The deck walkway is made out of redwood recycled from an old deck and treated with Superdeck Transparent Stain, 1904 Century Redwood (for the darker sections) and Thompson’s WaterSeal Advanced clear for the remainder.

Santa Fe Style

The beauty of the New Mexico desert is part of the allure of this backyard design by Mark Design Firm featuring a pathway of crushed granite and a pair of Zachary A. Design Van Dyke chairs (fiberglass and stone with a textured finish to give it an aged look).

Crab Orchard Flagstone and Tennessee Fieldstone

There is a rustic simplicity to this garden design by Eric King Landscaping that has Tennessee Fieldstone step stones leading to a garden rest area with a Crab Orchard Flagstone base resting on compacted soil. 

Bluestone Landings

An inviting pathway that leads down into a lush garden is composed of bluestone with crushed rock zones in between in this elegant but simple design by Modern Backyard.


A walkway doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical or composed of straight lines to draw your eye to the front door. Sometimes employing subtle curves and turns in the design make it more visually interesting as in this pathway from Horizon Landscape Company that is composed of StoneMakers stamped concrete.

The Mediterranean Effect

A delightful alfresco design by Ancient Surfaces generates a seductive Mediterranean vibe in this outdoor space that is highlighted by a grape arbor pathway that leads to an open courtyard of crushed stone and Oolitic Limestone foundation slabs.

Garden Pathway in Perth

It might look like an outdoor setting in the American Southwest but this is actually a residence in Perth, Australia and the stunning walkway by SolScapes is Jarrah timber over a bed of SouthWest Natural River Stone.

Brick and Marble

For the walkway to the entry gate of this Duluth, Georgia residence, brick pavers set in a bed of sand border a stylish marble centerpiece creating a look that is suggestive of an architectural style prevalent in classic southern homes in Charleston, South Carolina.

Chameleon Pavers

This long, visually appealing walkway to the front door looks like cobblestone pavers but are actually concrete pavers. To create a smooth separation between the path and front door area, the size and pattern of the pavers change to denote a stylistic transition in this design by Think Architecture.

Blue and Beige

Pre-cast concrete pavers and steps and recycled blue glass make a visually arresting outdoor space at this Palo Alto residence designed by Cathy Schwabe Architecture and Arterra Landscape Architects.

Boulder Steps and Pea Gravel

For a rustic backyard garden effect, Landscape Studio Group created this natural looking pathway of Tennessee fieldstone boulder steps and Chattahoochee pea gravel with a black locust timber railing.

Versatility is Everything

This charming garden walkway by Horizon Landscape Company draws its substantial beauty from its use of natural stone.

Cottage Garden Pathway

A wild, almost untamed natural landscape and its many shades of green are complimented by an irregular flagstone walkway that blends naturally into the overall composition created by Dear Garden Associates, Inc.

Zigzag Walk

Intriguing angles accent this elevated walkway constructed from Ipe wood on pressure treated posts by Grounded Landscape Architects & Designers.


A gently twisting walkway that sinuously snakes its way to the front door is part of the appeal of this natural flowing design from Horizon Landscape Company using StoneMakers stamped concrete.

Millstone Highlight

Antique granite cobble pavers are used for walkways with a millstone as the central focus to mark the intersecting paths in this vegetable garden design from Dear Garden Associates Inc.

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