15 Dynamite Decks

Innovative and practical deck ideas for every setting.
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Photo By: Photos courtesy of The California Redwood Association

Photo By: Photo courtesy of e2 Homes and EverGreen Consulting. Photographer: Harvey Smith

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Tailor Decks

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Gary Hutton Design. Photograph by Matthew Millman.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of The California Redwood Association

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Tailor Decks

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Fiberon

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Cali Bamboo, http://www.calibamboo.com

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Tailor Decks

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Cali Bamboo

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Karen Garlanger Designs. Photograph by Vic Coar.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Siemasko+Verbridge; Photo by Eric Roth

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Trex

Photo By: Photo courtesy of The California Redwood Association

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Fiberon

Deck Walkway Over Gravel

Another striking example of a deck made from California redwoods is this combination walkway/seating area. The picturesque design juxtaposed against beds of light-colored rocks and gravel is highlighted by atmospheric lighting.

Deck With Ipe Parquet Tiles

Who says a deck can’t be the most beautiful room in your house? Made from Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) wood with Ipe parquet tiles repurposed from a furniture company’s scrap material, this is an inviting outdoor space where the decking takes center stage. Ipe is an extremely dense hardwood from South America that has aroused controversy in recent years due to the irresponsible harvesting. But you can find FSC-certified sellers that do not decimate rain forests for the wood and grow it on farms, specifically for building materials.

Stone Fireplace With Cedar Arbor

An alternative to a traditional deck, this outdoor living space is distinguished by its stone-crafted fireplace, flooring made of flagstone mounted on concrete pads and an arbor design of Western red cedar.

Lagoon House With Faux-Weathered Wood

Those who love being close to the water will find inspiration in this rustic style in which the deck appears to “float” above the lagoon. The deck is made of Alaska yellow cedar and finished with Cabot’s Bleaching Oil to give it that distinct weathered look.

Redwood Deck for Outdoor Lounging

Here is an informal but stylish approach to an open-air lounging space, perfect for reading, relaxing or casual entertaining. The handsome decking is made from California redwoods, harvested in accordance with high environmental standards and approved by the FSC (Forest Stewartship Council).

Deck With Lighted Walkway

One way to get closer to nature is to build a deck that integrates the natural surroundings into the design such as this elevated walkway with rail and floor lighting. The decking is made of pressure-treated Southern pine by Wolmanized, a wood treatment that contains a copper-based preservative that protects the deck against fungicide and decay. The CCA-treated wood is non-harmful as long as one follows the proper guidelines for installation and maintenance.

Fiberon Deck With Ipe Color

Sometimes a deck is all about the view. Here’s an inviting outdoor living room with Ipe colored decking by Fiberon Horizon. A rising favorite in the composite products field, Fiberon is made from recycled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and wood flour, resulting in non-toxic, long-lasting and natural-looking deck material.

Bamboo Composite Decking

As a change of pace from wooden decking, you might consider an eco-friendly option like this Cal Bamboo deck made from 60% reclaimed bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastics. The bamboo gated doorway in the center and the exotic potted plants transform this outdoor space into a tranquil oasis.

Pine Deck With Jacuzzi

Versatility is the key to this spacious outdoor deck that offers various seating areas with parasol covered tables and chairs. A jacuzzi, potted plants for accent and great sight lines complete the picture. The decking is made from pressure treated Southern pine by Wolmanized, one of the more popular and affordable choices among homeowners.

Tropical Themed Deck and Pool

Here is another example of a bamboo composite deck (made from bamboo and recycled plastic) and how it can establish a tropical atmosphere with the right accessories such as a thatched roof hut. This is a great option for an outdoor party space or your own island getaway retreat.

The Intimate Backyard Deck

Here is another example of a casual but decorative outdoor lounging area that offers privacy along with an open air view of the back yard. The deck is made of Fiberon and the color is based on the look of Ipe wood from Brazilian rainforests.

Mahogany Deck With Bluestone Edging

This deck on Boston's North Shore is understated but elegant in its design which blends the deck and pool into the natural landscape while spotlighting the magnificent sea view. The deck is made of mahogany with bluestone edging.

A Deck for Grape Lovers

If you enjoy hosting wine parties, you might consider an open air design that showcases that festivity with a grapevine-ready arbor and durable Trex flooring. The deck looks like real wood but is made out of reclaimed plastic and wood from landfills, guaranteed for long-term durability.

Pool With Redwood and Brick Decking

Imagine your own private pool deck in a natural setting with a stunning view to top it off. This design is particularly unique for the way it seamlessly combines redwood decking with brickwork and border stepping stones.

A Deck for Mountain Altitudes

A house with a spectacular view of the mountains doesn’t need a deck that distracts from the main attraction. This no-frills, minimalistic design keeps the focus on the natural beauty while providing you with a structure that can handle extreme temperatures in all kinds of weather. The gray decking is Fiberon Horizon with Mission black railing and ClearVisionSystem clear panels.

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