13 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

From traditional to fun: ways to brighten your landscape.

Photo By: Courtesy Plow & Hearth

Photo By: Courtesy of Troy Lightning

Photo By: Courtesy of BlissLights

Photo By: Courtesy of Plow & Hearth

Photo By: Courtesy of Troy Lightning

Photo By: Courtesy Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Courtesy of Troy Lightning

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Photo By: Courtesy of Troy Lightning

Photo By: Courtesy BlissLights

Photo By: Courtesy of Troy Lightning

Photo By: Courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Courtesy Gardener's Supply Company

Saguaro Cactus Outdoor Torch

Made of galvanized steel with a green verdigris patina, this Saguaro Cactus Outdoor Torch is a twist on the classic tiki torch. This 6 1/2-foot tall luminary / sculpture uses standard lamp oil in each of its three "arms."

Main Street Exterior Light

Brighten a porch, entrance or garden spot with Main Street Exterior Lights. Choose a model that hangs or attaches to a post, or a sconce that affixes to a wall. Sizes vary; the lights are made of solid aluminum metalwork with an aged pewter finish and clear pressed glass.

BlissLights Spright MOVE Green

Pinpoints of light "dance" across trees and shrubs with the BlissLights Spright MOVE Green projector. Also available as a stationary model, it uses an laser to illuminate an area up to 30' x 30'. Use it to replace 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of ordinary rope lighting. Also sold with blue lights, the projectors come with 12-volt transformers and yard stakes. 

Lighted Tree of Life

Made by Bali artisans from hand-cut, recycled oil drums, the Lighted Tree of Life is a unique piece of wall art for your garden. A string of 100 battery-operated LED bulbs provides a soft glow. Also suitable for indoor use.

Archetype Exterior Wall Sconce

Welcome guests to your home and garden with Archetype Exterior Wall Sconces. The sconces use LED lights and are available in three heights: 10", 14" and 18".

Wire Sphere Lights

Hang these lighted wire spheres in the trees, or on your deck or patio, to add a magical glow to your garden. Available in two sizes, each orb comes with a string of 45 battery-operated, warm-white, Micro-Dot LED lights. A built-in timer turns them on and off.

Joplin Wall Light

Choose clear seeded glass, or, for a fluorescent look, frosted seeded glass, in this handsome, exterior wall fixture. The Joplin model comes in small, medium or large sizes in Historic Bronze or Charred Bronze finishes.

Landscape Lighting

Add drama to the landscape when you spotlight special plants or a focal point. These small trees are uplit in an arrangement created by Pinnacle Lightning Group.

Magellan LED Wall Light

Light your entrance and foundation plantings with a contemporary-looking Magellan LED light fixture. Made in the U.S.A., this exterior lamp uses clear frosted glass and solid brass metalwork.

BlissLights Spright Blue

Those aren't fireflies in your garden; they're tiny lights produced by Spright Blue, an indoor/outdoor projector. This low-voltage, plug-in light uses lasers and holographic technology and comes with an AC adapter. Also available with green or red lights, so you can combine the colors, if desired.

Vortex LED Exterior Lights

Your home or garden shines with Vortex LED exterior lights, available as sconces or hanging lamps. Made in the U.S.A., the fixtures are constructed from solid aluminum metalwork with a bronzed finish and painted, galvanized shades.

LED String Lights

Drape an arbor or other outdoor structure with strings of versatile, energy-efficient LED lights. Each string of 200 warm-white LED bulbs runs on batteries and includes a built-in timer. Set the lights to steady, or choose from seven different blinking modes.

Plug-In Pendant Light

Use this industrial-style pendant light to illuminate your patio or porch. Plug the 9-foot cord into an electrical outlet, and move the sliding carabiner to adjust it to the height you need. You can string up to three of these warm-white, LED lights together.

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