Landscape Edging Ideas and Options

Edging ideas and options for every yard.
Turf Border

Turf Border

A common feature of the most elegant and ordinary British garden is a crisp turf border for a punctuation of green alongside flower beds, as seen in the Pond Garden at Hampton Court.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Felicia Feaster

Image courtesy of Felicia Feaster

Edging is often overlooked in landscape design plans, but should be considered a necessity for the creation of neat, maintainable landscaping zones. Nobody likes a messy yard, a borderless wild bed spilling out of its bounds, or an unkempt pathway that screams of neglect. Guess what? Finding and using the best landscape edging can cure many of these and other landscape design dilemmas.

Below are a few ideas and options for using edging for landscaping and for creating a neater landscape that can reduce the amount of time you spend on your landscape maintenance:

Edging with style: An abundance of edging products and materials are available at your local garden center, with plenty of options to create a look that matches the style of your home and add contrast to your garden or lawn. Consider bricks, stones or concrete block edging for a decorative effect – these products can be stacked or installed vertically or horizontally to create depth, define lines between beds, pathways and grassy areas, and to build short walls that bridge slightly higher elevations to gentle slopes. For a cottage feel, vinyl picket fencing or latticework can be installed around beds for a shabby chic look. 

Edging in disguise: Many types of edging products are low-profile and are used as weed barriers and lawn separators instead of design elements. They are typically installed into the ground with an inch or two of above ground clearance to hold in mulch or other groundcover. than Aluminum or steel edging is great for straight-line areas and won’t rust, rot or become brittle. It’s installed with stakes and can be molded into shapes and curves. recycled brown lawn edging coil that provides a textured, wood grained look that blends with mulch, rocks or soil. This type of edging is installed with plastic stakes and blocks spreading of grass and maintains a durable boundary. 

Edging with a dual purpose: If you want to create greater definition between your landscaping zones, consider using landscape timbers or synthetic blocks to build borders or mini-walls around beds or to divide lawns from driveways, pathways and porches. This mode of edging can be used to create terracing and raised beds, as well.

Visit your local garden center and take a look at all the varieties of edging options available. It’s best to see them in person and consider the texture, material, size and flexibility of the products before making your final decision on how best to utilize landscape edging in your yard.

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